Blogiversary Blowout – Jodi Ellen Malpas Shares Her Favorite Scenes and what She Loves about Jesse and M

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I am so thrilled and ecstatic that I was able to ask Jodi Ellen Malpas to share some of her thoughts as a part of our Blogiversary Celebrations. This is a HUGE deal because y’all know how we F.LOVE and ADORE this lady and her Alpha Men. ūüėČ

Jodi is #1 NYT & Sunday Times Best Selling Author of This Man – A Trilogy and The One Night Trilogy.

So without further ado let’s hear it from the creator of Jesse Ward and Miller Hart.

Three amazing years, dozens of amazing picquotes, one amazing blog!

Congratulations Bookish Temptations!

Love you – no ish about it!

JEM xxx

Your questions about what I love about Jesse and M…

What do I love the most about Jesse Ward? That’s too hard! I love everything, even his unreasonable, crazy antics. He does absolutely everything with a ton of passion, from any one of his Jesse-style f**cks, to cutting up a dress.

What do I love most about Miller Hart? Again, too bloody difficult! I created these men. Everything they are is because I made them like that. Some traits make you laugh, some make you cry and some make you scream in frustration or disgust. Whichever, the qualities of ‘my’ men, whether endearing or infuriating,¬†are there¬†because I put them there. I love them all. So there!

On favourite scenes…

Don’t even get me started on favourite scenes! Lord, what are you trying to do to me?! Okay, for This Man I’m struggling to nail down one particular scene, though I do have a special love the epilogue of Confessed. Probably because we see that everything in Jesse and Ava’s lives has changed…yet it hasn’t. Jesse is still Jesse, in all of his unreasonable, neurotic ways.


For One Night, I can only go with PROMISED as you haven’t read the rest! The club scene. The one when Miller¬†finds¬†Olivia on the dance floor and she tries to escape him. It’s¬†a moment when you can see that Miller is¬†finally¬† acknowledging to both himself and Olivia what she means to him.




Gosh, this is why I LOVED LOVED LOVED Jodi and her Men!

Check out her BOOKS.

Thank you so much Jodi!

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And don’t forget to enter HERE for a chance to win an eBook copy of One Night: Promised (Kindle only/Open Internationally.

Good luck guys!!!


x gel

One thought on “Blogiversary Blowout – Jodi Ellen Malpas Shares Her Favorite Scenes and what She Loves about Jesse and M

  1. Mary Jo Toth says:

    I know I found This Man through Bookish Temptations back in December 2013 and fell in love … what an amazing series. Jesse Ward … sigh … in all his crazy wonderfulness. Thank you for all your hard work!

    Liked by 1 person

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