Blogiversary Blowout – Jane Harvey-Berrick Shares what She Loves Most about Nick Andrews and Her Favorite Scenes

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It’s a great pleasure to have Jane Harvey-Berrick celebrate with us today. I am super in love with her novel Lifers.

Now, she’s here to share what she loves most about Nick Andrews from Summer of Seventeen and her favorite scenes.

“Congratulations to Bookish Temptations on their third anniversary! ♪♫”


What I love most: Nick learns from his mistakes

My two favorite scenes:

 1) making love to his girl for the first time “My hands shook and I cursed them because, you know, shaky hands and thin rubber, and I fucked up the first one, so I took another, and prayed, please let me get this fucking condom on before I die.”

  2) going surfing “The wave started curling above me, creating a perfect tube, a roaring tunnel of green light.”

 First Time is something we all remember, whether good or bad, and the first time with someone we’ve fallen in love with—well, it doesn’t get more special than that.

And because the ocean is my place of calm, even when the waves are wild; it’s the place I do all my thinking.

Thank you so much Jane, for sharing some Nick Andrews with us!!!

Check out her awesome BOOKS.

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Jane is graciously giving away 2 e-book copies for the winner and her bestie.

Just make sure to complete this sentence…

“The ocean was cool, the surfers were hot, and I was…”

Don’t forget to enter the giveaways HERE and be sure to enter your completed sentence in the comments. 😉

Good luck!



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