Blogiversary Blowout: Exclusive Excerpt from Amanda Weaver’s Frequent Flyers

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I loved Amanda Weaver‘s book Always!! Annie and I reviewed her newly released book Frequent Flyers here. It is a collection of short stories featuring her story, The Friendly Skies. She is helping us celebrate with an exclusive excerpt and giving away an ebook!!

Frequent Flyers cover

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Cassie took another sip of her coffee and felt a trickle of it leak out from under the lid and hit her thumb. Cursing, she held the cup at arm’s length in an attempt to keep anything from hitting her blouse. Her copy of the New York Times, previously wedged under her elbow, fluttered to the floor. She started to crouch to get it when a voice, low and masculine with a smooth English accent, stopped her cold.
“I’ve got it.”
Looking down, she registered several things at once. Broad shoulders, blond hair, handsome face, impeccably tailored navy pinstripe suit. He retrieved her paper from the floor and slowly stood up. His eyes tracked up her body as he rose, starting at her black patent pumps, tracing up her calves and over her black pencil skirt, up her cream silk blouse, taking in her long dark hair and finally, her face. She felt his eyes everywhere, an unabashed examination that should have made her feel uneasy but didn’t. At least, not when his startlingly bright ice blue eyes met hers and his appreciation was evident.
He smiled, a flash of white teeth and lovely lips. His eyes crinkled slightly at the corners. “Here you go.”
That accent… She reached out and took her paper.
“Have a nice flight,” he said, then turned and walked away.
She hadn’t moved. Not a muscle through the entire brief encounter. She hadn’t said anything either, not even “thank you.” Within seconds, the crowds had closed around him and he vanished from view, off to find his own gate, his own flight, probably taking his lovely English accent back where it came from.
Damn. Something pretty to look at would have made this whole trip less tedious.


Here is the link for the rafflecopter.

Good luck everyone and thank you Amanda Weaver!!


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