Fan Fiction Friday: One Day by RueforRegret

Happy Fan Fic Friday everyone!! It is officially Georgeygirl day here at Bookish Temptations!! I have to admit that if I had known that the story One Day by RueforRegret was written by GG, I would have read it sooner. But better late than never, right?



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One Day by RueforRegret

Author’s summary: Over a quarter of a century separates single-mother Bella Swan from her hormone-riddled adolescence. Watching her teenaged daughter navigate her way through various rites of passage, Bella can’t help falling prey to nostalgia. “One Day” brims with steamy reminiscences of first love and traces one woman’s mid-life attempt to reclaim it. ExB, AH, mild angst, M-Rated 18 & over.

If you are like me when it gets towards the end of the year, I become nostalgic. This story is perfect for people like me. I also have a first love that I think about from time to time, and wonder what if. I am not into all of the social media out there, so I won’t be reaching out to him any time soon. BUT this post is kind of my way of putting it out to the universe, that fate can decide if our paths should cross.

The first part of the story is Bella reminiscing about how she spent one summer with her best friend Alice going to the local carnival. It is there that she sees Edward. Bella throws caution to the wind and decides to meet him on her own, and they begin a hidden courtship, that involves Bella sneaking behind her parents’ back. Edward and Bella are two teenagers that can’t keep their hands off each other. Then one day Edward walks away without explanation. Bella moves on with her life, but Edward will always be “the one that got away”.

The next part of the story is Bella takes things into her own hands, when she sees a pic of Edward years later. Everything she was feeling from her youth comes forward, and she can’t stop herself. She’s divorced and ready to move on, but is it really moving on when you are looking back?

Older Edward is everything she remembers, but better because he now has his own business and is very generous with the people in his life that are important to him. He regrets leaving Bella the way he did, especially when didn’t have to happen in the first place.

“God, when I think of the number of times I wished I had your phone number over the last twenty years,” he says, smirking at across the lip of his mug. “What was your step-dads’ last name?”


“Dwyer. Do you realize that’s what kept us apart in ’91? Five measly letters. I must have looked up every damn Swan in Ontario. I had no clue you had a different last name than your parents.”

He gives his coffee another stir, avoiding my gaze. I want to reach over and gently erase the sadness etched in the lines around his eyes. So much unnecessary unhappiness caused by misunderstandings and unfortunate circumstances. Life just isn’t fair sometimes.

“I wish I’d known, Edward. Honestly.”

I don’t know why I am saying this again. Edward told me he wouldn’t have wanted me abandoning Mike two months before our wedding, but in bed last night, I’d lain awake wondering what might have happened if I’d known he was looking for me all those years ago. Would I have still married Mike? Could I have been happy with Edward? Would we have had a child of our own? Maybe with Edward, I’d have had more than one child. These are futile speculations.

“What about now?” he says. “Are you still using your married name or have you changed it back?”

“Newton,” I say. “I considered reverting to my maiden name, but I think I’ll wait until Carlie’s finished high school. Less complicated for her when we’re dealing with the school.”

“You’ll always be Bella Swan to me. Would you be terribly offended if I pretended that your ex doesn’t exist?”

He’s smiling, but I can’t help hearing warning bells.

“He does exist, Edward. I’m sorry, but he’s my daughter’s father. We don’t have more contact than necessary, but we can’t pretend he doesn’t exist.”

“I know,” he says. “I just need some time to adjust to the idea. Don’t forget, I’ve found you after decades of missing you like a crazy man, and he was the one who got to spend those years with you instead of me. Humor me while I have a little alpha male moment, okay?”

I try not to pass out sideways on the bench from the image of him missing me like a crazy man. I focus on his alpha male comment, instead. I suppose I can’t fault him for wishing we could erase Mike and all of our mutual baggage. If only we could be teenagers again, linking hands and wandering along carefree, oblivious to the cares of the world.


Later we find out that Bella’s family had more of a hand in keeping Edward and her apart. She was more forgiving than I would be, but that’s just me.

I am not the only one who loved this story, because Annie mentioned it when this was a WIP. You can check out her post here.

Stay tuned for holiday posts, as well as our end of the year Favorites lists!!

Happy Thanksgiving to all of our readers who live in the states!!



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2 thoughts on “Fan Fiction Friday: One Day by RueforRegret

  1. Schauer says:

    I loved this story! It had some many things that reminded me of my teenage years. I knew who the “real” author was and wanted the world to know as well. I was so happy when GG finally “came out”. LoL She is a very talented writer. Thanks for dedicating this post to her and this story.


  2. eskmoksses says:

    Added to my TBR list! 🙂 I love these types of stories! I am a girl all about nostalgia, and very sentimental! Thanks for the rec! 😉 X


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