Sunday Shout Out: Book Recommendations

Today I’m giving recommendations on two books again, but these are from the same author…

Perfect kind of Trouble and Right kind of Wrong, are books two and three in the Finding Fate trilogy. If you’re a fan of New Adult romances then I strongly urge you to read these books, but start at the beginning with Best kind of Broken. The series is complete for those of you who hate waiting for the next book, but these books can all be read as stand alones. You’ll find lots of emotion, sexy times, humor, and very manageable doses of angst and heartache. Each story focuses on a different couple, but characters from the other books give the reader a great sense of connection.

I think you’ll have a great reading experience with any and all these books, which is why I’m giving a strong recommendation. All three books have a 4 rating from me.

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Perfect kind of Trouble: He’s cocky but wounded, charming but lonely, with the sureness of a wealthy man and the desperation of a pauper. I can’t figure him out, but one thing is certain. Daren is not as tough or undamaged as he lets on.”

This is why we give into the storm of love. This something that is neither word nor feeling, found in quiet gazes and cookies in the dark. Hidden in cotton candy secrets and gentle shower soapsuds. It creeps up on you and slips inside, and before you know it, love owns you completely.”

Right kind of Wrong: “God I hate him. But not really. God I hate that I don’t hate him.”

I have a plan for my life, my future. A good plan. A solid plan.
I’m going to graduate college. I’m going to sell my sculptures and promote my artwork until I raise enough money to open an art gallery. Then I’m going to showcase artwork until I have enough money to buy myself a home. And a car. And health insurance. And maybe then I’ll get a small pet. Like a black car or a little Pig.”



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a goodreads button Hope your Sunday has been divine and full of good reading!

Tamie Xo

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