Fan Fic Friday: Annie and Michelle’s Holiday Ficstravaganza

It’s official, the holiday season has begun. Grab your favorite Edward and go!

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Check out the holiday goodies, after the jump!

Want some fresh holiday fics?

The Mistletoe Contest has begun posting entries. Excite!

Does your heart want a hug? Try one of these:

Belong to Me  by Edward’s Eternal

banner ee btm

Summary: A last minute decision. A dead car. One long, cold walk. Soft eyes and gentle care warm up Edward’s cold hands and start to thaw out his frozen heart. What happens when two lonely souls meet at Christmas? Do miracles still exist? Can they possibly belong to each other?

This was a WIP last December. It’s complete now and so very wonderful. HQ fic.

In Every Life (a Little Snow Must Fall)  by cosmogirl7481

Summary: Life happens. It passes us by in fleeting moments filled with unexpected encounters. It gives us choices to say and do the right thing. And chances to make it better, even when our choices were wrong. A short holiday story.

This was also a WIP last December, and is cute and funny and cute some more.

How about a little smut to warm you up on a cold winter night?


Heading North by Shahula

Summary: Bella plans to visit her best friend for the holidays when she is stranded in a blizzard, fearing death only to be saved by an angel. Will he take her to heaven or hell? Entry for Baby It’s Cold Outside O/S Contest ***3rd Place Winner Public Vote!***

Because beardy, reclusive Edwards jingle my bells. [Deb: *giggle*]

A Lot by crimsonmarie

Summary: Bella Swan, not one for Christmas, plans to spend it alone. Edward Cullen is the unavailable, gorgeous bartender at Forks Bowling Alley where she spends every Tuesday night. Could a late night ritual with him change everything?

Hot. Bartender. Trust me. [Deb: *gurgles*]

In the mood for some non-Twific holiday fun? Try Tiny Treats: A Holiday Collection, a group of holiday themed short stories by various authors, including Jeanette Grey (aka theladyingrey42).


Yo, Annie!  {Annie: Yo, babe.} Can you believe it’s time for turkey basting and tinsel tossing already? {Annie: *cries softly*} If the holiday season gets you a bit stressed, never fear…  because the talented writers in our fandom bring you good cheer! ((Note: I should not apply to work at Hallmark.)) {Annie: I think it’s time to take away Michelle’s wine.} [Deb: Give it to meeeeee]



Willow by Afternoondlight is my swoony Edward Christmas story.  I just want to serve him all the cookies and cocoa, and make sure he ends up with his dream girl.  This Edward is the right up there when you think about fictional boyfriends.  He’s just so sweet, old fashioned, with a bit of schmexy swirled in there.  And swoony.  I did mention swoony, right? [Deb: I like swoony. Swoony is my favourite!] The writing duo of Afternoondlight won first place with this Christmas contest entry.

Summary: First place winner in A Christmas to Remember contest – A quaint small town. A horse named Willow. Two lonely lovers. These are the ingredients of a DIVINE holiday romance.



Homeless Christmas Eve by Mostly A Lurker is one of those stories that truly reminds you that holiday season is about being kind to all those you see.  You’ll feel grateful for all the blessings in your life.  I’ve often thought about asking for another chapter or two just to get my fluffy HEA fix.

Summary: Bella finds herself in a position she’d never dreamed of – homeless and panhandling with her daughter on a street corner praying for a miracle on Christmas Eve. Will her prayer be answered? AH, ExB. A little holiday gift to you all.


A Shadow of a Wing by Feisty Y. Beden isn’t your typical holiday story.  A bit somber and bittersweet, yet you finish with a sense of hope.  This is one of those fics that just stays with you.  It’s about forgiving and forgetting the past.  Feisty does a brilliant job with the past and present mood for Edward and Bella.  While it’s an oldie, I hope that new to the fandom readers will give it a try.

Summary: A snowstorm. A delayed flight. Christmas Eve. Not the best time to run into that guy from high school who ignored you in bio class.



My holiday season, is never, ever complete unless I read Twilly’s The Naughty Elf a time or three.  Seriously, I crack up every time I read this fic.  Twilly’s Elf-ella never lets me down. You’ll never look at chocolate candy stars the same after this story.  Much like A Christmas Story is a holiday tradition, The Naughty Elf is my holiday go-to fic.

Summary: Santa believes there’s no such thing as a bad elf. Bella’s been fired from nearly every toy shop. How can Santa get her in the right position when everything out of her mouth is so very dirty? Santa, elves, chocolate starfish and phasing reindeer.


all is want for xmas is edward

Want a one-stop shop for all your holiday fic needs?  Then you’ve got to head to Annie’s Holiday TwiFic Extravaganza page! {Annie: Woohoo!} Tofu&Turkey? Hanukah? Christmas? New Year’s Eve?  Yep, she’s got ‘em.   So, while you’re standing in line during the shopping rush, you can find a story to get you in the holiday spirit.


For our U.S. readers, enjoy your Thanksgiving dinner, and stay safe out there during Black Friday with those crazy, kick-azz sale shoppers!  (Snickers…reminds of Seventh and Pine by iambeagle)



P.S. Please tell or link us any holiday fics that need to be added to Annie’s Holiday page!

P.S.S. Since you’re reading this on Fan Fic Friday, I’m wearing my fat pants and reading fic to help me recover!!  Cheers to everyone!  Happy Reading! xo 

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