Man Candy Monday: Those Sexy Brits!!!

a man candy monday banner

I was chatting with someone about this week’s Man Candy Monday post, trying to decide on what I wanted to go for theme wise, and someone said…”You love a lot of Brits…do that”…so yeah…that works for me 😉




OOOOOOOOOO…that was fun…I’ll have to revisit this theme again 😉

Happy Monday all!

Tamie Xo

**all images are thanks to pinterest**

4 thoughts on “Man Candy Monday: Those Sexy Brits!!!

  1. Renee Smith says:

    Excellent choices! I can only think of one super sexy Brit that wasn’t in your list, the ABSolutely gorgeous Mike Thurston! ❤


  2. edwardsvamptramp69 says:

    I got all giddy when I saw “Brits” because two heavenly faces (and bodies) came to mind. Thanks for not disappointing:)

    ABSolutely perfect *winks*


  3. Karen says:

    Short attention span. I got to the end and I was like, what is the theme? Oh Brits, like me. What about Beckham. Theo James. Tom Hardy. I will trade you them all for Adam Levine. Prince Harry? You can have him for free.


  4. Mary Mooney says:

    I agree with Renee Smith, where is Mike Thurston, swoon ♥


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