Man Candy Monday: Decking the Blog…

a man candy monday banner

This week I’m decorating…erm…I mean decking the Man Candy Monday post with some lovely men looking quite festive 😉




I’d be happy with any of these guys decking my halls 😉

Happy Monday all!

Tamie Xo

**all pictures are from pinterest**


6 thoughts on “Man Candy Monday: Decking the Blog…

  1. edwardsvamptramp69 says:

    *giggle snorts* I like how you just threw in the ever delish Gandy at the end! He’s not very festive, but no blog is complete without him:)

    And the one that’s nude in a Santa hat holding a package in front of his “package”??? All I can think of is that video “Dick in a Box” by Justin Timberlake and Andy Samberg!!!! I’m laughing my ass off!

    Thanks for laughs and porn, as always:)



  2. BlissfulReader says:

    I agree with Paula, who posted above. My favorite thing is that you always find a way to include David Gandy. He’s festive no matter what he’s wearing….or not wearing. I think he’s the ultimate Man Candy.


  3. Deborah Camp says:

    What fun! Suddenly, I’m in a festive mood! Now if there were only someone around here to unwrap!


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