Our Favorite Guest Posts of 2014

best of 2014

We have very gracious authors who give us some really fun things to share with all of you. These were our favorites of 2014…


1. This might be stretching things a bit but I loved the twitter chat with the Snarky Narrator via Sylvain Reynard. Since we posted a transcript on the blog (which you can read here) I’m counting it 🙂

2. Video Q and A with Jodi Ellen Malpas

3. Exclusive Outtake from Clipped Wings from Helena Hunting

4. Exclusive Outtake from The Weight of Words from Georgina Guthrie

5.  A Love Letter from Quinn  from Christina Lee

6.  Guest post from Amy Harmon

7. Interview with Kristen Ashley

8. Author to Author: Sylvain Reynard Interviews Morgan and Jennifer Locklear

9. Author to Author: Christina Lee + Tessa Bailey

10. Guest Post from S.C. Stephens


**in no particular order**

Guest post by Amy Harmon
Guest post by Nina Lane
Guest Post by J.A. Redmerski
Interview with Rebecca Yarros
Intervista a Sylvain Reynard, autore della trilogia bestseller Gabriel’s Inferno
Interview with Nina Lane
Amelia and Tamie’s interview with Kristen Ashley
Exclusive Video for the Word Series from Georgina Guthrie
Guest post by Helena Hunting
Guest Post by S.C. Stephens

Katiebird’s Favorites:

Lucia’ fan fiction guest posts

JA Redmerski’s guest post

Helena Hunting’s guest post

Gel: This is crazy but OMG I loved all the guest posts that Bookish Temptations got from the awesome AUTHORS! They all rock!lol


1. Blogiversary blowout: guest post by Nina Lane + giveaway
2. Author to author: Christina Lee + Tessa Bailey = 1 Hilarious Interview + Awesome International Giveaway
3. Exclusive! Author to Author: Sylvain Reynard Interviews Morgan and Jennifer Locklear! (Psst…Giveaway too)
4. Our two week long 3 year anniversary posts
5. Kat Bastion’s book release party

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