Sunday Shout Out: Mai Tai’d Up by Alice Clayton

Today’s book recommendation features one of my long time favorites…

Mai Tai’d Up by Alice Clayton is book four in the Cocktail series, and like the previous three it combines the funny with the sexy into a delightful story that I enjoyed reading.

The angst is kept low while the UST is high and will have you on a slow burn just like the main characters of the book. Lucas and Chloe share an instant attraction, but don’t act on it right off the bat. They get to know each other, share their past…altho Chloe leaves out some rather important details which come back to bite her in the ass. It’s a great reminder that waiting for “the right moment” to divulge something crucial is rarely ever a good idea. As always the California location is a personal favorite 🙂

Mai Tai’d Up is a fun, quick read and gets my recommendation for you to use your one click button. This series has brought me a lot of smiles. Thanks Alice!

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Tamie Xo

One thought on “Sunday Shout Out: Mai Tai’d Up by Alice Clayton

  1. I absolutely loved ‘Wallbanger’. So funny and sexy.


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