Tamie Reviews: Last Call by Alice Clayton

Simon and Caroline are back for another round of baking, banging, and big life changes. Settling in, but never settling down, Caroline has finally struck a balance between the professional and the personal. As one of the top interior designers in San Francisco, she travels all over Northern California between nook time with Simon.

Perpetual globetrotter Simon has cut his frequent flyer miles in half over the last year, preferring to balance his professional and personal life, as well.

The next step in their lives seems preordained—toasts, veils, and the aisle of rose petals. But when an accident on a photo shoot in Southeast Asia brings Caroline the most terrifying phone call she could ever imagine, she has to ask whether “till death do us part” is a more realistic prospect than faces most couples.

It’s been a grand adventure, and Caroline and Simon wouldn’t go out without the best surprise ending ever. One part sexy, one part laughter, a dash of exotic locales, and one pink nightie, mixed with passion, and you’ve got Last Call. Served with a side of Clive.

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I couldn’t believe it was over two years ago when I first met Simon and Caroline in Wallbanger, but I double checked Goodreads and sure enough it was. As much as I enjoyed the other couples in the series my heart always belonged to Simon and Caroline on a different level, so I was happy that Alice chose to end it with them.

In Last Call we find Simon and Caroline living a good life, a happy life. They love each other deeply, they each have fulfilling careers, and they are surrounded by wonderful friends…friends who are getting married, having babies, having babies then getting married. You know… the normal, typical things couples do as a relationship progresses. That gives Caroline pause for thought. Not because she’s opposed to the idea of marriage, or more specifically marriage to Simon, but she also thinks the old saying, ‘ if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it’ might possibly have some merit.

One of my favorite moments in the book comes about halfway through. It involves a shower scene, and an important question from Simon to Caroline. It’s pure Wallbanger/ Nightie Girl, and it’s written perfectly by Alice. If you don’t swoon and happy dance during this scene? Well, something is majorly wrong with you…just sayin’…

The story just gets better and better with all the playful and fun to read banter between them, the sexcapades that we all love, the friends we adore, and before you know it plans are being made…big plans, happy plans, the kind of plans we’ve all been waiting for and then…

Then, Alice goes and writes something that will make you suck in your breath, squinch up your whole face, and begin cursing like a sailor. You might even be tempted to throw your Kindle/book across the room, but don’t do it. Instead, keep reading and trust that Alice will deliver just as she always does. Trust that the rest of the book will make you so freaking happy that you want to track Alice down and give her a big hug, and say thank you for creating these fabulous characters and stories.

It’s always bittersweet for me when a beloved series ends, but this one does so perfectly. I’m giving Last Call and the entire Cocktail series my highest recommendation!

a 5 heart rating

**I was given a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review**

Tamie Xo


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