Making Up For Monday: BBF’s

I’m writing on a past Making Up For Monday topic: Who is your favorite person to talk to about books?


At some time or another I talk with all the girls here on Bookish Temptations about books and/or authors. We give each other recommendations, we talk about what we love…or don’t…whose hot…or not, etc. We share new discoveries as well as old favorites. I also have a few reading buddies at work and we do the same. Last but not least there’s always lots of interesting comments left here on the blog, and discussions on Twitter, FB, and Goodreads. I always love interacting with all of you 🙂

What about you?

Tamie Xo


6 thoughts on “Making Up For Monday: BBF’s

  1. edwardsvamptramp69 says:

    Nah, I pretty much converse with all of you. I’m lucky a select few of my friends at work read “FSoG” and we’re all going to view the film Valentine’s Day, but trying to get them to read other books? It’ll never happen.

    I do read other types of books (action/adventure) and those I discuss with my sister and Dad, but romance type? No one but you guys.:(


  2. AboutThatStory says:

    You! 🙂 I love getting to chat with you on Twitter about book boyfriends, books and what not. I also have made some wonderful friends and chat with them regularly. I also love the random discussions that are sparked on my FB page, which it turn create new friends. 🙂


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