Jennifer Reviews: Emerald Eyes by N. Michaels

emerald eyes

The Synopsis:

After years of fighting the pressure of becoming a neurosurgeon and continuing her family’s famous legacy, Katherine Slav’s father has had enough of her partying. He cuts her off financially, leaving Katherine to fend for herself.Finding a job is a priority. Finding Eric Miller is a bonus – a bonus that quickly proves to be impossible to resist. How can she have the only man who denies her every step of the way? How can she seduce her boss without losing her job?Struggling to ward off feelings that go beyond professional, Eric tries to keep Katherine at arm’s length, but the more he’s around her, the weaker his resistance becomes.

Discovering Eric’s secret and baring her own, she fights for her newfound love with everything she’s got, but will it be enough to banish the darkness in Eric’s life?

Is having Eric Miller all she thought it would be?

Will Katherine be enough?

My Review:

If you like your fictional men to be young, successful Alpha CEO’s, then please allow me to introduce you to Eric Miller…

“I risk a quick glance in Mr. Miller’s direction and find him standing in front of his floor-to-ceiling window. He’s looking down at the busy streets of Midtown. I can only see his strong profile but from what I can tell, he’s deep in thought. His strong arms are crossed over his chest and his back is tense. Worry flutters in my chest, and I feel the sudden urge to go to him and comfort him, to ease his mind of whatever is bothering him. Instead, I fight it. I force my eyes away from Mr. Miller’s tense body and go back to work.

He’s not my boyfriend; he’s my boss.”

The heroine of the story is Katherine Slav, a gorgeous young woman, who is never in want of male attention. Her comfortable life is turned upside down when she stubbornly refuses to follow in her father’s professional footsteps and is served with an ultimatum: End her frivolous partying and focus on a career in neurosurgery or else find her own way in the world.

Katherine opts for the latter, but manages to land on her feet quickly when she secures work as an Executive Assistant for the CEO of Miller Financial.  She desperately needs the job in order to make ends meet, but she is quickly fascinated by her attractive boss; a boss who appears to be doing his best to resist her irresistible charm. Katherine and Eric attempt their best to settle into a professional relationship, but their instant physical chemistry is almost impossible to deny from the moment they meet and emotions run high whenever Mr. Miller requires Katherine’s presence at after-hours functions.

“He lifts his head and notices me, but then his gaze falls on Patrick. His eyebrows furrow for a moment before he rises, then leans his head closer to mine.

“I didn’t know you were going to bring a date,” he whispers. The air escaping his mouth tickles my ear, sending goose bumps down the rest of my body.

I bring my lips to his ear and say, “It wasn’t planned. Sort of a last minute thing.”

He smells so intoxicating, pure male, fresh soap and a faint trace of cologne. His heady scent makes me want to spend the rest of the night glued to his neck. I inhale deeply then force myself to lean back and face him. His striking face is not giving anything away, but in his eyes I see the fury rising like blue flames in an inferno.”

Both Katherine and Eric have complicated personal lives, which lends more emotion to their growing sexual tension, and the result makes for an enjoyable read.

Emerald Eyes is the debut novel from N. Michaels. This author is new to publishing fiction, but someone I believe shows good instincts as a writer.  I would be remiss if I didn’t mention the occasional technical glitches in the narrative, but none were severe enough to distract me from the overall enjoyment of the story. I’ve actually read two versions of Emerald Eyes within the last year and was quite pleased when I was just as caught up in my second read of the book as I was during the first.

The characters in Emerald Eyes are well-developed and the story is well-paced. N. Michaels has done a great job of drawing the reader in to the emotions necessary to hold interest in the plot.  There were moments of great tension – sexual and otherwise; and I always appreciate a good cliffhanger.  Emerald Eyes ends on a startling note, and I’m looking forward to seeing what happens to Eric and Katherine in the upcoming sequel, Onyx Heart.

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