Fan Fiction Friday: Planetblue day!!

It’s Annie and I this week, and we love Planetblue!! In fact, we wanted to dedicate a whole post to her and her amazing stories.

Still tuned after the jump to see what stories we would rec to anyone who loves great work…

You start this one, Annie….

Planetblue! Love her. She’s one of the few authors I have on alert. I wouldn’t want to miss anything!

banner by lolypop82

banner by lolypop82


Author’s Summary: Moonlight drives and sharpened knives. This is the story of us.

Oh man, this fic. I read it as a WIP and could not wait for the updates. At the same time, when an update would be posted, I would be a tiny bit scared of what would happen. A lot happens in the story, and a lot of it is not nice. Why would “Cotton Candy Annie” read it then? Well, mostly because planetblue is awesome and I trusted her to give me a good story, then, once I had started reading it, I couldn’t stop.

The story? Bella’s been beaten down by life. Edward hasn’t fared much better, but he has hope. What else can I say without giving anything away? It’s disturbing, romantic, gritty, tense, intense, sexy, crazy, violent, and exciting. How’s that?

Channel Five 

Author’s Summary: A private plane. A velvet voice. A seduction miles above ground. My entry for the Dirty Talkin’ Edward Contest.

This was one of my favorite Dirt Talkin’ Edward Contest entries and I just recently found out planetblue was the author. Bella is a flight attendant and fills in for someone on a private jet. The owner is reclusive and only communicates with the crew via their headset. “Dirty Talkin’ Edward” – get the picture? I love the mystery and humor in this one, as well as the sexiness.


Ok. My turn.

artful man banner

Artful Maneuvers

Author’s Summary: I needed to figure out who Edward Cullen was before he figured out me.

So when both Michelle and Annie put this story on their Favorites for 2014, I had to read it ASAP. Check out their lists here.  It was the first one I read in 2015 actually. I loved it, and since it hasn’t been “officially” reviewed, I am adding my two cents. 🙂

First, it’s based on Chicago, where I live, so I loved reading about the art world in my city. Planetblue does an amazing job with the details. I love this Edward so much.

Excerpt from Chapter 9:

Conversation is easy as we eat our delicious dinner, and the wine flows freely, making me slightly giddy and definitely bold. I find myself pressing up against Edward’s thigh often, but he doesn’t seem to mind, telling me so each time his arm brushes mine when there’s no need.

He rests his arm on the back of my chair when he leans in to speak with Irina and Hugo, easily charismatic and able to comment on most topics. Most of the table is speaking English for me, but there is some French, especially as the night gets later and the wine gets emptied. I don’t mind, I love the sound of the language, and I’m enjoying just watching Edward interact with others. The close scrutiny I employed earlier is waning as the liquor does its job.

He’s in an animated conversation about the Euro, or hell, it could be about Winnie the Pooh right now for all I know, because watching his face as he talks is making me feel high. His beauty wraps itself around my body like a ghostly presence, engulfing me and keeping me warm.

The wine, the music, the flora, Edward. All of it makes me feel like I’m in another world, another life, and for the first time in a long time, I think about what it would be like to have someone next to me permanently. To go through life with, to experience things like tonight, to be able to lean on someone when it all gets to be too much.

I’m resting my cheek on my palm, staring at him, and as if he’s sensing my thoughts, he turns to me, and I don’t hide the lovesick smile I’ve let grow on my face, the wine causing me to not care if he can tell what kind it is. I watch as he moves his hand from around his cappuccino cup to take mine, the warmth from the espresso invading my fingers when his interlace through my own.

“What?” I ask lazily, my eyes not leaving his for a moment as he stares back. I feel beautiful under his gaze, extraordinary.

“Dance with me.”

“I don’t think there’s anything in the world I’d rather do right now.” To his credit, he doesn’t raise an eyebrow or take the opportunity for innuendo, instead he stands, gently pulling me up after him and leading me off to the side, under one of the snarled maple trees. The dim red and white lanterns swing on the branches around us, the faint rustling of leaves barely sounding over the soft piano.

He pulls my body to his, his hand sliding low on my back and holding my hand up tight between us. He dances beautifully, swaying perfectly in time, turning just a bit when called for, moving me like it’s effortless. I’m staring at the tattoo peeking out of his shirt, unable to look at him in this intimate position for fear of doing something stupid.

Something like falling in love on a moonless night in Switzerland with Edward Cullen, Anthony Masen, or Jacob Black.

Bella works for an art gallery. Edward walks in, and “stirs the pot” so to speak. Both Edward and Bella are hiding things, and what kept me guessing was who was lying to who first. It’s very much like Twilight meets The Thomas Crowne Affair.

barefootintexas banner

Another favorite story of mine is Barefoot in Texas. Check out Annie’s review here.

So if you are looking for something great to read, look no further than Planetblue.

Happy Fan Fic Friday!!


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One thought on “Fan Fiction Friday: Planetblue day!!

  1. edwardsvamptramp69 says:

    Great post, Ladies! I’ve read everything of PB’s too! She’s one of my FAVORITE writers. I trust her COMPLETELY and even if I’m nervous? I know she’ll get us through it in one piece:)


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