Making Up For Monday: Who Needs Sleep Anyways?

This weeks Making Up For Monday topic is: Have you ever chosen a book over sleep?  If yes, what book and was it worth it?

I stayed up to read books way more often when I was a teenager and a younger adult than I do now, but let’s face it…it was much easier to bounce back or to function with less sleep. I’ve become much better at exercising self control, so I have a certain time when it’s lights out and no more reading, and normally I’m really good at sticking to that. There are always exceptions to the rule of course, but it’s been such a long time since I have that I really don’t remember what book it was.

What about you? Read on no matter what time it is, or like me you put the book away and get your zzzzz’s?

Tamie Xo


5 thoughts on “Making Up For Monday: Who Needs Sleep Anyways?

  1. lawpatz1 says:

    About 2 years ago twice I came into work without sleeping a second. I’m not a young adult anymore and it took a toll on me. I think one of those books was one of the Crossfire series, Gideon is so worth not sleeping over. I can’t remember which one was the other. There;s been many nights when it’s already 2am or later and I didn’t realize it was that late, but I no longer stay awake the whole night. Like you I have a time where I force myself to put the book down and turn everything off, it’s doesn’t always work that way, but for the most part I do try my best.


  2. Nickie Adler says:

    Ok so first let me state that I am retired, so yes I do this weekly. I read about 3 books a week and I will get so involved in a book that I have to stay up til I finished. I’ve tried to close my IPad and try to go to sleep. After 30 minutes or so I give up and continue reading. Last week I stayed up til 4am and got up at 930am, not enough sleep, but it was worth it. The book was Tied by Emma Chase, well worth it!


  3. Haha, my whole life I have had zero respect for whatever I have going on the next day/ how early I have to get up. If I’m reading a good book, NOTHING can take me away from that world. 🙂


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