Fan Fiction Friday: Two stories to get AND keep you warm

After being buried in 16-19″ of snow here, it gave me the perfect opportunity to read. Both of these stories are perfect, if you want to get warm by the fire or leave the snow and cold behind in head somewhere warm.


SEAR banner

Sear by Rochelle Allison

Author’s Summary: Bella, one week into a housesitting job, has an unexpected, late night visitor. Written using WitFits. Short. Drama and romance, of course, but also…

Why did I decide to read this one? Michelle put this on her Favorites of 2014 for one, and it’s Rochelle Allison for the other.  This author is a personal all-time favorite of mine. The story starts out perfectly with Bella enjoying some solitary time in her Uncle’s cabin in the dead of winter. Picture it. Roaring fire. Time to read, sleep with no interruptions….*eyes glazing over*

Then a half-frozen knock at the door changes everything. Bella can’t leave the strange man outside to freeze to death, so she drags him in front of the fire and hopes that it’s not too late to save him. Who knew that they would both save each other in the end…

Excerpt from Chapter 5 Avant-Garde:

“I’ll go this time.”

“No.” I shook my head, slipping into my coat. “I’ll get it. I don’t mind.”

He made a derisive sound: annoyed and amused.

“What?” I asked, looking down as I zipped by boots. It was better than looking at him; my mind’s eye kept replaying the image of him pulling his sweatpants off.

“I’m fine,” he said. “You shouldn’t coddle me.”

It was the most passion he’d shown since arriving, which wasn’t saying much. “I’d prefer you stayed inside. You had a fever like two hours ago.”

He watched me leave, the light gone from his eyes.

Intentional disrobing aside, it had been a quiet day. The power had flickered out again while we were watching television, though, several times – enough to make me nervous. If the power went out, the heating wouldn’t work and we’d be relying solely on warmth from the fireplace. Uncle Phil had a space heater in his room but it was ancient and I didn’t think we had the proper batteries for it anyway.

Besides, what would we do then? Huddle around it for warmth? That was maybe two degrees away from huddling for body heat, and I was still having mixed feelings about that.

I slammed the door behind, tromping through the thick snow. It was deeper now than it had even been, and I shuddered imagining what would’ve become of Edward had he not found the cabin. Using an old sled, I piled wood from the dwindling pile in the shed and dragged it back. Edward must’ve been watching from the window because he yanked the door open as I got closer and grabbed the wood. Frowning, I left the sled on the porch and trudged back inside, leaving my wet boots at the door. Edward was already loading wood into the fire, encouraging the embers into flames.

I hated being so awkward in my own place. And I hated the twist of feelings deep inside of me. Edward disturbed my space, my peace. He actually almost creeped me out; he was the very definition of stranger. But he also woke me up. He took away the loneliness just by being here, and not just the isolation I’d felt since coming to the cabin. It went deeper than that. No matter who he was, he was here with me. And…he was handsome.

Of course, he’s handsome! He’s Edward, but not necessarily the Edward I expected. I love that he won’t let Bella get caught up in his past, but still won’t walk away either. And true to form, Jake is a real butt in this one. LOL



Follow the Sun banner

Follow the Sun by misswinkles

Author’s Summary: Sometimes you have to stop thinking with your head and listen to your heart, follow which way the wind blows and dream with abandon. Because tomorrow is a brand new day, and who knows what it will bring. E/B. Fluffy as fuck, with some sweet salty love.

So this story made my homesick for my hometown in Florida. I lived on the Gulf coast though, so no surfing beach bums to moon over. Bummer. Anyway, I knew nothing about Australia or surfing for that matter until I read this story. This author made me tear up and get goosebumps when I read the chapters about Edward surfing. I could expand on that, but I don’t want to give anything away.

Just close your eyes and picture Edward in a wetsuit with a golden tan and a surfboard under his arm, and that will get and keep you warm for sure!

Excerpt from Chapter 5:

Edward stops short in the doorway to the lounge room, his face a picture of surprise.

Pulling his sunglasses off, he smiles, and there’s a beat of silence, the crackle of attraction heavy in the air as he smirks at me.

“Well, well. Bella Swan.”

“Edward Masen.”

“Jasper Hale,” says Jasper, tossing the magazine aside. “Now we’re all reacquainted, can we go?”

“Unless you’re gonna surf in your jocks you better change,” says Edward, pointing to Jasper’s severe lack of surf appropriate attire.

Jumping up off the sofa, Jasper hot-foots it into his bedroom to change.

With both he and Rosie elsewhere in the house, it leaves Edward and I alone. He seems happy to just stand there gawking at me, his arms crossed over his chest as I stand around feeling out of place.

His black baseball cap is low on his forehead, and his faded blue t-shirt is so thin and threadbare it looks like it might blow away in a strong wind. I can see the shape of his chest underneath it, see tiny pieces of skin through the holes in the neckline. Holes large enough to fit my finger through. Or my tongue.

I have to avert my eyes for a moment just to regain some composure.

The most frustrating part about it is that even in his shorts and t-shirt, I get the feeling Edward has no idea the effect he has on women. He can just turn up out of nowhere, barefoot and sparkly eyed, and just stand there like he isn’t practically melting the underwear off all the women in a six foot radius. He’s completely oblivious, and for some reason, it makes him even more attractive.

Yeap. That might be the most perfect description I’ve read about Edward in a long time and might even work for this guy. *swoony smile*


Sorry...I don't know what happen to my underwear. Rob, do you have it??

Sorry…I don’t know what happen to my underwear. Rob, do you have it??


Where was I??? Oh right, warm coastal life in Australia…

Bella leaves her farm life in the Outback behind to move to the coast to live with her Aunt and Uncle and figure out what she wants to do with the rest of her life. She gets a cool job at the local pub called Mint, and meets the twins Rosalie and Jasper. Edward is the popular surfer friend that keeps coming around to tease and distract Bella.

This story moves a slower pace when it comes to the heated romance, so the UST builds, which kindda feels more like real life. Bella just left a serious relationship behind, so getting caught up with Edward just isn’t in her plan. She wants easy and uncomplicated, but can she and Edward handle that when the feelings start to change and grow between them?

Both of these stories end beautifully, but I grew fairly attached to the main characters. If either author wanted to give us updates in the future as to how these couples are doing, I would love that!!

Please share with us what you’ve been reading lately that is keeping you warm this winter.


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I am a huge reader of young adult, new adult, and paranormal romances. I also have an acute fondness of Robert Thomas Pattinson. I love that I get to share with everyone my love of reading.

2 thoughts on “Fan Fiction Friday: Two stories to get AND keep you warm

  1. edwardsvamptramp69 says:

    I loved “Sear”…………….excellent recc!


  2. marijee4 says:

    I agree, Sear was and excellent read. Love all this author’s stories!!


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