Music behind the Poughkeepsie Brotherhood Series by Debra Anastasia

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I am so thrilled to have Debra Anastasia on the blog today to discuss the music behind the Poughkeepsie Brotherhood. This is one of my absolute favorite series of all time.

Check this out.


The Poughkeepsie Brotherhood Series for me is so entwined in music, it’s like you can hear it in between the words. I have tons of playlists for different scenes. Below are just a few of my favorites!

This is Inside my Love by Delilah (A Minnie Riperton cover)

It reminds me of Cole and Kyle every time I hear it. They have such a unique connection. They really teach each other to love themselves first. Their physical connection heals their souls. This video is so desperately sexy, too. It is a staple on my writing playlists. Another song I love for Cole, who for me is a very deep character who overcomes so, so much is this:

The Cinematic Orchestra: Arrival of the Birds & Transformation

Can’t you hear his quiet victory when he moves past his abusive childhood into the hope of a new life? It makes me cry.

A Drop in the Ocean by Ron Pope is the end all be all for Blake and Livia. His whole song catalogue is fantastic. You can (and do) get lost for hours in his beautiful words. And Ron provides the soundtrack for the Poughkeepsie Enhanced Collector’s Edition for iPad.

If you read Poughkeepsie, you can hear Blake’s love of nature and how devoted he is to Livia no matter what in this gorgeous song. And notice, Ron is singing live on this version. Such pure talent. Here’s one more because I just love this song for Blake: You’re the Reason I Come Home by Ron Pope:

And last is my dirty, violent Beckett and Eve. Pretty much every song I have for them is filled with curses. OnCue is my standard for Beckett and Eve. (NSFW words) This is Cigarettes and Perfume:

 His style is so addicting and I had this song on repeat for DAYS while writing Beckett scenes. It’s so amazing; I hear a new thing every damn time I listen. I have whole playlists of OnCue that set the mood perfectly. He’s deep and cocky but also has a heart and wants to fit in. Okay here’s another that’s getting me through writing teenage Beckett for the pre-quel:  Better than Before by OnCue

(* Huge thanks to Lisa Kenny for sending me a link to OnCue’s stuff so long ago!)

A huge thanks to Gel and Tamie for letting me talk about songs today!



Thank YOU so much Debra. I love how inspiring the songs were and they definitely made me think of your boys! I miss them so much!

If you haven’t read this series, where have you been? Seriously? One-click NOW.


Saving Poughkeepsie
Return to Poughkeepsie

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3 thoughts on “Music behind the Poughkeepsie Brotherhood Series by Debra Anastasia

  1. mothergolf says:

    cannot wait to go and listen/watch all… exciting…..

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  2. mothergolf says:

    and I don’t know how to change my emoji ….. I’m not mad at anyone…..

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  3. xpreadmywings says:

    And I’m crying now with The Cinematic Orchestra … thank you girls, I’m loving every minute of it!

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