Valentine’s Plans by Sylvain Reynard

I’m so excited to have something very special to share with you from Sylvain Reynard. Y’all know he’s a favorite here at Bookish, and he’s written something that had me fanning myself as I read it, and then reread it…like a hundred few times 😉

Enjoy ladies…

Valentine’s Plans by Sylvain Reynard

For Bookish Temptations

“Katherine Picton would like to take us out for dinner Saturday night.” Julianne sat in front of her laptop, checking her email.

Gabriel glared at her over his morning newspaper.  “Saturday is Valentine’s Day.”

“Yes, sweetie.” Julianne continued typing distractedly.  “What time should we meet her?”

“Over my dead body.”

Julianne stopped typing.

She looked over at him, at his dark eyebrows that were furrowed in annoyance and at the thunderous expression on his handsome face. His blue eyes sparked with something akin to anger.

“Sweetie,” she adopted a conciliatory tone.  “Katherine doesn’t come to Boston very often. She’s in town for a few days and she’d like to see us. I can’t say no.”

“I can.” Gabriel folded his newspaper and tossed it aside.  “And we will.”

“You didn’t mention anything about Valentine’s Day. There’s nothing marked on the calendar. I didn’t think we had plans.”

“Well, we do.” He sniffed.

Julia rolled her eyes.  “Will you tell me what they are?”

Gabriel pulled off his glasses and placed them on top of the newspaper. “I’d rather show you.”

She blushed at his heated stare.

“I need to leave for my class in five minutes.”

Gabriel leaned forward in his chair.

“Then allow me to give you a verbal preview.

“First, I intend to wake you up by paying homage to a certain sweet part of your body.”

His tongue swept over his perfect lips and he gave her a significant look.

Julia shifted in her seat, her gaze fixed on his mouth.  “Oh.”

“Exactly.  Oh.”

 Gabriel moved his chair closer.  “Once you’re sufficiently awake, I’ll carry you to the shower.”

“Shower?” She watched his eyes glint in anticipation.

“I’ll take my time worshipping your body with my eyes, my hands, my mouth…”  Gabriel chuckled.  “Shall I go on?”

Julia fanned a hand to her forehead, feeling a good deal too warm.  “And after our shower?”

Gabriel smiled his slow, sensual smile.  “Let’s just say that I have more, much more planned for our day together.  What I’ve described is only the amuse bouche.”

Julia mumbled something dazedly.

Then she suddenly snapped to her attention and began typing on her laptop.  She pressed a few buttons and closed the device with a snap.

Gabriel frowned. “What was that about?”

“I just told Katherine Picton we’re sorry we’re going to miss her.”

Gabriel laughed and pulled Julia into his arms.

He kissed her teasingly.

“Now for a foretaste of Saturday’s activities …”


Now THAT’s the kind of Valentines plans every guy should think about making. Am I right, or am I right?!? Hot damn! I do so love Gabriel!

Thank you so much SR!!!!!!!! With lots and lots of hugs 🙂

Hopefully by now you’ve had a chance to read The Prince and The Raven. If not…don’t wait any longer…you’re gonna love ’em.


And of course the Gabriel series… forever favorites…


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Tamie Xo


7 thoughts on “Valentine’s Plans by Sylvain Reynard

  1. jdt1505 says:

    Gabriel sure knows how to celebrate Valentine’s Day with Julianne. I’ve missed them and hope SR has not finished with their story. 😉

    Elena M.


  2. mothergolf says:

    whew, (wipes sweat off of brow), yes, I’ll go along with those plans……..


  3. Judith Stein says:

    I missed them and I love them! ❤️


  4. shay (@slim_shaydy_) says:

    Oh my… that man sure knows how to write a scene. #swoon


  5. lawpatz1 says:

    You are 100% right!!! God I love Gabriel, so romantic. Thank you SR for this lovely treat.


  6. Kristen says:

    Wow that was lovely


  7. edwardsvamptramp69 says:

    Thank you for sharing and thank you, SR, for writing it! *swoon* If only those men existed……….:)


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