Thoughtful Thursday: Gender Preferences?

Do you prefer to read books with a male or female protagonist? Does the author’s gender matter? 

Do you prefer to read books with a male or female protagonist? Since the majority of books I read are female followed by dual POV, my first reaction was to say male…maybe because it seems like such a treat when I read them. Thinking on it tho my real preference would be to have a more equal variety between the 3.

Does the author’s gender matter? Absolutely not! I’d love to read more romance novels from male authors, but when it comes right down to it what matters most is a fabulous story, great characters, and lots of emotion.

What about you? Do you have gender preferences for POV or author? Got any suggestions for fabulous male authors in the romance genre I should check out?

Tamie Xo

4 thoughts on “Thoughtful Thursday: Gender Preferences?

  1. edwardsvamptramp69 says:

    No, none of that matters to me. It’s all about the plot, characters, and author’s style of writing. Not biased at all.:)


  2. KYbookworm says:

    It doesn’t matter to me. If the characters interest me, and the story intrigues me, the rest is just details. I tend to read more female authors than male, simply because there are more female authors to choose from in this genre, but I loved Gabriel’s Trilogy by Sylvain Reynard. Male POV can be a little disappointing, when a strong character starts to talk like a woman thinks. If you have read the Crossfire series by Sylvia Day, Gideon’s character has always been damaged, but all Alpha. In the latest book, Captivated by you, he became a little bit of a pussy. He is finally facing his demons, but he doesn’t have to become a woman to do it. A little disappointing. Pepper Winter’s seems to be a master at Male POV, Quincy in the Tears of Tess series, and Jethro in the First Debt series are all male, no pussy in sight. Their POV gives a birdseye view of their damage, without making them weak.


  3. Jana says:

    I prefer dual POV or a well written male POV but a good story is what is most important regardless of whether it is told from the female, male or dual perspective.


  4. lawpatz1 says:

    Like you because most book have female POV’s, when it’s a males POV I feel like it’s a treat. I love reading male POV’s. But if the story catches my attention right away and it intrigues me then it really doesn’t matter.

    No the gender of the author doesn’t matter to me, if the writing and the story is good I don’t care if it was a male or female that wrote it.


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