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In less than a month, the Outlander mini series on Starz is going to resume!! I am so excited that I decided to move forward in my reading of the series by Diana Gabaldon, and start Drums of Autumn. At the same time, I am also rewatching all of the previous episodes of Outlander.

That is what I mean by OVERDOSING. LOL! Check out my thoughts on the series and the fourth book, Drums of Autumn.


Returns April 4



So I got to watch the series with my best friend Alison, who had not read the book. She humored me by letting me hang out at her place, since I don’t have cable. I knew that she would love it, so I wasn’t too worried. She did in fact love it, namely Jamie Frazer/Sam Heughan.


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I am quite proud of myself in that I didn’t say too much while watching with her, because I didn’t want to spoil anything. I knew seeing this amazing book come alive on the screen would sell itself. The scenery, costumes, and acting were so well done! I really liked hearing Alison’s thoughts, since she was an Outlander virgin. As soon as I could buy the first season, I did and now I spend my free time watching certain episodes on repeat…

Is it April yet????


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Normally, I would put the book summary right here, but honestly if you haven’t read past Outlander or have only watched the series, then it will ruin many things for you. The first book completely sucked me in, and I immediately wanted to jump to the next book Dragonfly in Amber.  That one is my personal favorite so far. Voyager is quite good, but Jamie and Claire spend quite a bit of time apart in it, so I didn’t adore like the other books.

I don’t normally review books mid-read, but I am making an exception with this book because I am really loving it. There are two different storylines going on, so that is keeping my attention. In this book, we spend equal amounts of time in the present 1969-1970 with Brianna and Roger. Can’t say too much about these characters without giving anything away.**zipping lips** I love reading about their relationship growing and changing. Now the past in 1766-1776, Claire and Jamie are together and there are times when I feel like I’m reading Little House on the Prairie. Building a life together in the wilderness. I am laughing a lot while reading this book, because Jamie and Clare’s banter is quite hilarious.


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There is nothing more delightful in life than a feather bed and an open fire–except a feather bed with a warm and tender lover in it. When Ian was gone, we would not trouble with rushlights, but go to bed with the dark, and lie curled together in shared warmth, talking late into the night, laughing and telling stories, sharing our pasts, planning our future, and somewhere in the midst of the talking, pausing to enjoy the wordless pleasures of the present. 


Forgiveness is not a single act, but a matter of constant practice.


“You are my courage, as I am your conscience,” he whispered. “You are my heart—and I your compassion. We are neither of us whole, alone. Do ye not know that, Sassenach?”


Then the room relaxed in cheers and babbling, and she turned in his arms to kiss him hard and cling to him, and he thought perhaps it didn’t matter that they faced in opposite directions – so long as they faced each other.


If you loved Deborah Harkness’ All Souls Trilogy, especially the second book, Shadow of Night, then I highly recommend that you read Outlander and continue the rest of the series.

Anyone else excited for the Outlander series to start? Also, I would love to know what your favorite Outlander book is, in the series.


About katiebird

I am a huge reader of young adult, new adult, and paranormal romances. I also have an acute fondness of Robert Thomas Pattinson. I love that I get to share with everyone my love of reading.

3 thoughts on “Katiebird ODs on Outlander…

  1. Karine says:

    love this show. haven’t read the books but that didn’t stop me from watching it. Will have to a catch up run before april thou


  2. rdmickey1989 says:

    Hello KB ! Well, Outlander was just like Twilight for me. I watched the show first and while it was on hiatus, I started reading. I have now read Outlander, Drangonfly in Amber, and Voyager. Thus far, Voyager is my favorite and I can even tell you which chapters 24 & 25. GAH!

    I must say I DIA was my least favorite. It honestly was almost my first DNF and I put the book down 4 times and read books in between. Let’s see….. how do I tell you what my problem was without writing spoilers. The entire middle was my issue. I really thought I would not finish and I would stop reading the series. However, the last 1/3 of the book became a page turner and the ending presented a situation that there was no way I was not going to read the next book. Thank goodness I didn’t have to wait years for it !

    Hubs has been watching the show with me as well, but he is not reading the books. I have fallen in love with the brogue (and maybe a character. 🙂 ) I have purchased a few vinyl wall sayings that Jamie says in the books that I found at Etsy and Hubs and I are even headed to Scotland for vacation this year !!

    I do like the condensed version the show gives. The books are healthy and wordy, taking chapters and chapters for a scene. Voyager on my ipad was a whopping 2262 pages and I remember the first two were just as long. The show is great obviously because it sent me directly to the books. The director, crew, support staff and the actors have brought to life this wonderful journey. These characters are deeply intricate and it is great I am learning and getting to know them. The main draw of course is JAMMF. *licks lips*

    Come on April 4th !


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