Fan Fiction Friday: Meg is fangirling over Hoodfabulous

It’s Fan Fic Friday! Yay! There are certain authors that I love and feel connected to on some level. Whether it’s their writing style or how they make me feel when reading, I know that I will love what they write. 🙂

Meg wants to share with us why she loves Hoodfabulous


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When I think about some of my favorite fanfic moments, I definitely remember the Twi Fic Meet Up last year in Nashville. Meeting some of my favorite authors and fellow readers was such a treat. I feel the need to belatedly apologize to the many authors I profusely embarrassed with my fangirling. The author I wanted to feature this week was so kind and gracious about my silliness, and I’m so glad I didn’t scare her off too badly!

I’m a southern girl at heart, and anything written by Hoodfabulous resonates in such a deeply personal way. Her ability to conjure images of Spanish moss, live oaks, fireflies and sweet tea in mason jars is such a beautiful thing.



Dirty South Drug Wars

Author’s Summary: Bella and Edward meet at age twelve after the death of Bella’s father, a death blamed on the Cullen family.  Their families are sworn enemies, fighting for territory over their rival drug trafficking businesses. Bella and Edward meet again at age eighteen and their attraction to one another is undeniable.  Will their forbidden love destroy them both? A Dirty South Fanfic.

Excerpt from Chapter 4:

“Can I kiss you, Moon Goddess?” he asked.

He studied my face with a furrowed brow, as though I could deny him. I moaned in response and he leaned in and captured my mouth with his own. His warm tongue slid into my mouth and met mine slowly, carefully as though he savored the taste and cherished the feeling. Reaching up, I pulled him closer to me and deepened the kiss as he continued to palm my breast. He broke the kiss first as he continued to pull and tweak my nipple.

“You taste like strawberries and smell like…birthday cake,” he whispered, brushing his lips against mine. “Why is that?”

The title of the fic couldn’t be more appropriate. There is some family business of the not-so-legal nature, and Bella and Edward’s families certainly don’t get along. But love can’t be stopped, and these two have a fire that’s so much fun to watch burn.



Fanfiction Addicts and Review Whores

Author’s Summary: Bella Swan is a closet fanfiction addict who lacks romance in her life, so she decides to create it online. After transitioning from fanfiction reader to fanfiction writer she butts heads online with TonyMazen69, a well-known smut writer in the Moonlight fanfiction world. What happens when the two bickering fanfiction writers meet during a three-day Moonlight Fanfic Convention?

Excerpt from Chapter 1:

“My name is Bella Swan,” I begin, taking a deep ragged breath as I met the smiling, friendly faces of my basement companions. “And I’m a fanficaholic.”

Relief. Sweet relief. My body was consumed with it. A weight lifts from my chest and I even find myself smiling a bit. Thank you, Lord! The folks in the room stare at me with confused eyes as I grab my coffee and attempt to sit back down…

I let out a hysterical scream when the first chapter of this story posted. There is so much humor and a bit of gentle self-deprecation in this story, and it’s an absolute riot!



Fireflies in the Meadow

Author’s Summary: Edward’s greatest fear was that one day her glow would diminish, eventually flickering away with the fireflies of summer, never to return. My Bandward contest entry. Adventures in angst and third person POV.

Excerpt from Chapter 1:

The song was halfway over when he saw her. Like a firefly, she danced in the night, her bright light shining for all to see. Edward’s greatest fear was that one day her glow would diminish, eventually flickering away with the fireflies of summer, never to return. But tonight she was free, swinging her hips in time with the music. She was so beautiful his voice broke a time or two. When he finished the song he did so with a woeful tone and the crowd erupted in hoots and cheers. The girl who held his gaze smiled and turned away, glancing over her shoulder and meeting his eyes.

Fair disclosure- I was a judge for the Bandward contest, and this was my pick. Give this story a read, and you’ll see why. This is such a bittersweet, angsty story that keeps you on the edge of your seat until the very end.




Author’s Summary: A Southern gothic tale of woe and romance in 1933 rural Alabama. Inspired by my favorite book ‘The Color Purple.’ Age of Edward entry.

There are very few instances when I can connect with dialogue written in a character’s accent. The author has to be deeply familiar with a dialect, and in this case Hoodfabulous pulled it off with flying colors.

Excerpt from Chapter 2:

I skidaddle outside, once church services end. Standin’ near the front door, shiftin’ my weight from foot to foot, I’m caught in a bind with my affections. I’m half wishin’ he’d come on out an see me standin’ here, half wishin’ he won’t. Truth is, I’m scared of this man. I’m scared of the sinful ways I think ’bout him, ’bout the night I met him in that cotton field, pressin’ himself ‘gainst me. I’m scared of these feelins’ I got deep inside, like I’m on the verge of dyin’ every time I look at his shiny hair an green eyes. I’m scared he’s gonna tell Pa ’bout catchin’ me on his land.

I’m not a big re-reader, but this is one that I go back to fairly often because there is always something new I discover. When someone asks me why Hoody is one of my favorite authors, this story is the answer.


Be sure to also check out Hoodfabulous and Jonesn’s collaboration account JonesnInDaHood  for some equally wonderful stories!

Meg is not the only one who loves Hoodfabulous. Lucia did a guest post for us last year and loved Tatted Hips and Wicked Lips. Check her review here.

Meg and I would love to hear about authors that you love too!!


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