Musing Mondays: Influence

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Who or what influences your reading most?

For me this has really changed over the past several years. Before I began blogging it was all about going to the library or my local bookstore, and word of mouth. Let me tell you, I could spend hours looking at titles, book covers and the synopsis. Then I found twitter and goodreads, and that had a major impact because I could actually see and join in on discussions about books with people from all over the world. Fabulous!

For the first year or so after I began blogging those remained my biggest influences, but I’ve also added Netgalley, follower recommendations, author suggestions, surprise books from publishers, and of course other bloggers. I’ve built up a list of go to authors, and generally I read their books first when I either receive them as an ARC or pretty quickly after they have a new release. Lastly, there are several publicists who generously let me know about must read authors.

What about you? Who or what most influence your reading?

Tamie Xo

2 thoughts on “Musing Mondays: Influence

  1. swimmer4 says:

    Mostly, I rely on a synopsis although sometimes book covers will catch my eye. Also, if I have enjoyed an author in the past I will give credence to their new work but then relying on the synopsis as to whether or not I want to invest the time/money in reading the new work. That is why I like fanfiction so much because no money is invested and I can simply stop reading if the material is not to my liking. That’s not to say that I have followed some fancfiction authors when they have published.


  2. Mostly from blogs, authors, and other readers. Trust me,I could spend a day in a library or bookstore and never get bored.:)


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