Jennifer Reviews: Missing Pieces by Meredith Tate

Missing Pieces


Your family is the most important part of your life. Your families are the people you love, and love is what separates us from scoundrels and criminals. It maintains order. Your parents, your sibling, and your Partner, are the ones you love. There should never, ever, be anyone else who comes close to that bond. You have only one best friend, and that is the person you’ll be marrying someday. We must learn to differentiate the relationships in our lives: the people we love, and the ones we don’t. It’s inappropriate, it’s foolish, and it’s forbidden to think otherwise.

Trace Bailey’s mouth is her worst enemy – somehow it always gets her in trouble. Luckily, she has a partner in crime – her best friend and neighbor since age seven, Piren Allston. He can’t get enough of her crazy sense of humor, and she loves that he’s always up for another adventure.

They can’t be friends, though, not in their world. Trace and Piren were Assigned to other people at the age of six, and they’re supposed to marry their Partners when they turn twenty-four. Failure to comply leads to Banishment, a fate worse than death.

Worse still is the growing realization that their bond is stronger than just friendship.

In a world without freedom, there are still choices to be made. Following their hearts means losing their family, but following the law means losing each other.


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Missing Pieces is the story of best friends, Piren Allston and Trace Bailey. The two meet in childhood, and their strong bond to one another forms almost immediately. They spend as much of their free time together as possible and quickly achieve an intimacy that even children recognize as a once in a lifetime kind of event.

“From the moment we happened upon the treehouse, it became our sanctuary, our pirate ship, our castle, our hideaway, our place. We visited it every day after school.

Trace and I shared all our secrets lying on the floor of our treehouse, from the juicy to the mundane, I relished the chance to share my day’s stories with her, and most afternoons I couldn’t get up that ladder fast enough. She’d perch her chin on her hands and smile up at me, awaiting whatever news I wanted to tell. I knew she already accepted my secrets before I even opened my mouth. Her presence draped me in an overwhelming sense of comfort.”

Theirs is the kind of affection we tend to label as Puppy Love, and in our universe it is normally viewed as something endearing and sweet. Unfortunately, Piren and Trace do not live in the same world as us.

In their society, children are assigned Partners by those in authority and are committed to their eventual spouses at the age of six. From a very young age, children are taught that no one but their assigned partner can be their best friend and they must adhere to a strict set of social rules until they are old enough to marry.

They date no one but their partner and cannot kiss until age sixteen.

They must begin living together at eighteen, but cannot have sex before marriage takes place at twenty-four.

And they must never have more than two children.

These are just the basic rules; and you can bet there are plenty of other restrictions in place. Any violation of the rules results in Banishment from everyone and everything they know.

Despite the serious consequences at stake, Piren and Trace manage to find ways to keep and grow their friendship while still adhering to their societal expectations. However, this leads to near constant complications that begin in childhood, continue through adolescence and seep into adulthood.

As I read this story, it was obvious that even a best case scenario for Piren and Trace would not be free of conflict and anguish. I found myself growing increasingly concerned for their eventual outcomes with each turn of the page. Missing Pieces is a tension rich story, yet despite the logical probabilities that consume Piren and Trace, both characters stubbornly cling to the hope that they will find a way through their tribulations together.

As a result of their defiance, there isn’t much that comes easily to Piren and Trace. The author, Meredith Tate, doesn’t shy away from allowing her characters to be damaged, and this kind of fearlessness in writing is a trait I have come to admire. It can be difficult to put your characters through hell, subjecting them to their worst nightmares come true; but we all know that nothing worthwhile in life is ever easy to secure.

Don’t allow the youth of these characters to steer you away from giving this book a try. Piren and Trace may be young, but their lives are full of raw intensity. These characters shouldn’t be required to become wholly focused on adulthood responsibilities, but because they are their story is a mature and cautionary tale.

You will experience a wide range of emotions while reading Missing Pieces and I give tremendous credit to Meredith Tate for striking the perfect balance between all of them.

This is a 5 star read that I highly recommend.

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  1. jenlanebooks says:

    Excellent review! Sounds like an interesting world they live in.


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