Tell Me Something Tuesday with Elena: Blog commenting…

Tell Me Something Tuesday

Tell Me Something Tuesday is a weekly discussion hosted by Rainy Day Ramblings. This week’s topic:

Blog commenting…Why do you comment on other blogs?

I believe comments are vital to a blog. It’s what keeps us going. Getting feedback from readers is one of the most important aspects of having a blog. If we didn’t get any comments, we’d actually wonder if anyone reads what we write. YOU readers are the focal point of our blogging. We have you in mind when we write. So I wanted to say a huge THANK YOU to all of you who take the time to leave comments in our posts. We appreciate all of you so, so much!

I love replying to comments and starting friendships with other readers. Lots of my friendships started out just like that. That’s why I also leave comments on other book blogs. I know the efforts the other bloggers make, and receiving a comment, even a little one, is a huge reward 🙂

What about you?






About Elena

Literature is my passion. I love reading so much that I spend countless hours in bookstores and libraries. I have a soft spot for poetry and art. I like traveling and discovering new places. I can't do without a book.

6 thoughts on “Tell Me Something Tuesday with Elena: Blog commenting…

  1. Jenny Flohre says:

    I appreciate the work that all the bloggers I follow put into their site, and their social media. I comment because I see it as a two way street. I love the discussions and the knowledge that I gain from all the blogs. I love to read other comments too, and see everyone’s opinions as well. It’s just fun. 🙂


  2. As a blogger, I know how precious every single comment from readers is. So I try to comment on other blogs I follow as often as possible. If it is to state an opinion, to say thanks or to answer question; I try to comment on blogs regularly 🙂


  3. KYbookworm says:

    As a book nerd, it is such a relief to find others who suffer the same affliction. Most people don’t appreciate the imagination of an avid reader. Our minds can be scary places. It is nice to ramble on and on, about the finer points of a book, and have someone reply, “I know, right?”. I love reading reviews and comments about books I have read, or even ones I haven’t. It’s good to know, I’m not the only one out there.


  4. Debbe Johnson says:

    ‘m new to all of this…I just rediscovered reading for pleasure (especially romance, blush!). This is an entirely new world, I didn’t even stop to consider that you even cared what I thought. But after reading your post, I will leave messages. I know I love it when an author responds to a message I leave on FB.


  5. edwardsvamptramp69 says:

    I’m not a blogger, but I certainly appreciate the creativity, imagination, and thought that goes into blogging daily or even several times a week. I’m sure some days it even feels like a chore. So I like to let the authors know that yes, someone is reading and enjoying their words.

    I also like to read other people’s comments because many times those are just as entertaining as the actual blog.:) So whether you’re a blogger or a commenter, I love it all!


  6. Nickie Adler says:

    TGFB (thank god for bloggers)! This is how I learn about books. I leave reviews on what I read to help other readers.


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