Booking Through Thursday: Carried Away


Do you carry a book around with you? Inside the house? Whenever you go out? Always, everywhere, it’s practically glued to your fingers?

(And yes, digital books very much DO count as long as you’re spending time reading on your Kindle or iPad and not just loading them with books that you never actually read.)

YES! There are some books that are so completely fabulous that they just own me. Whether it’s a print copy or on my Kindle where I go it goes, and the only time I let it out of my sight is when I’m  working or sleeping. I even take it with me when I go to the movies, cuz I can sneak in a few minutes while I’m waiting for the movie to start 😉

What about you? Are you able to put your book aside easily?

Tamie Xo






5 thoughts on “Booking Through Thursday: Carried Away

  1. msdebms says:

    My Kindle is more important to me than my phone. It is always with me, the contents begging to be unlocked for a few minutes or hours.


  2. Mary Jo Toth says:

    I tend to have a book at the ready almost all the time. When I go out, it depends on what I’m doing if my Kindle goes with me though I can read from my phone in a pinch if I end up somewhere waiting and I forgot my Kindle. There really are amazing benefits to technology! 🙂


  3. KYbookworm says:

    This is why I believe digital format is the greatest invention since sliced bread. I take my ipad, everywhere! If I don’t have it, I feel naked! There are a few books I just can’t seem to archive. Just seeing the covers makes me feel better.


  4. lawpatz1 says:

    My Kindle is an extended part of my arm/hand. I don’t go anywhere without it. I take it shopping, to dinner, to the movies, once me and my girlfriends went to a bar and I was reading in the bar, they were so pissed but hey if they can be on their phones why can’t I read on my Kindle? Right? I take it to work, and I’ll sneak it out and read whenever I can, I sleep with it, that’s who I share my bed with. So, so many fictional lovers in bed with me :-). What else can a gal ask for? Not much if you ask me. I absolutely love all my characters, I’m not known as a fictional slut for nothing. I would rather die, than not have a book at all times with me.


  5. Ann Marie Walker says:

    My kindle is always in my purse. If it’s charging and I forget it? Total panic. 🙂


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