Fan Fic Friday: What Michelle has been reading lately…

Hi everyone!! I so love when Michelle is able to share what she’s been reading lately. You just know it’s going to be good!

Take it away Michelle…



It was so good to see Meg’s post last week. Lots of great new stories to add to my reading list. I was so sad to miss meeting up with Meg and the Southern Fic Meet Up ladies. Annnd, I’m even sadder about missing the 2015 Twi Fic Meet Up (TFMU) this June in Philadelphia.

I’ll just have to soothe my soul by reading lots of books and fic. Ah, Calgon take me away!!


JennaRay has a new fic out, and I can’t wait to read the next chapter. I’m pretty sure you’ve been enjoying her first story called My Life as a Trophy Wife. With over 9,000 reviews, it’s a big hit. That’s why her new story: Bright Eyes is already on my favorites list. Only four chapters are posted right now, but the summary makes you want to read it. Plus, the banner!!


Bright eyes
Author’s Summary: He tells me I should have walked away when I had the chance, but this pretty-eyed stranger doesn’t know what he’s gotten himself into with me.

I’ve been really lucky in my book reading as well. These two books are very, very different from one another but they both have the same underlying theme…. love and friendship make the world go ‘round. Both authors bring such unique skill in sharing their vision of a “real” love story.

We’ve all been at a party, wedding, or social event where someone tells a lovely tale of how a couple became a couple. Some of the best ones are those that come out of friendship, tragedy, miscommunication, or meddling from friends and family.

These two books are night-and-day in telling their path to a happy ending, but you’ll be so glad you gave them a read.


One to tell the grandkids


One To Tell The Grandkids by author Kristina M. Sanchez is such a believable story. Ms. Sanchez brings her characters to life in such a way you actually feel like you know these people. She also requires her characters to work a bit for their love story. Her story also brings to light that “families” of all make and matter are pretty damn cool. I absolutely adore part of the book summary:

A story about finding love when you aren’t looking and finding your place when your family tree is really a forest.

I’ve been a long time of Ms. Sanchez’s writing within the fandom, and I’m even a bigger fan of her original works. You can check out One To Tell The Grandkids on GoodReads and Amazon.

Up next is my second book. It’s a quirky. It’s odd. It’s funny. It’s so, so sad. And it’s so worth the read.


The Morbid & Sultry Tales


What to say about this book? You’re gonna love it, like it, or yell at me for telling you about it. Author J.B. Hartnett has no problem ripping your heart out. I can’t tell a lie. I cried. Then…. I laughed out loud. Ms. Hartnett wraps a story of love and loss like nothing I’ve read before. You’ll want to be Genevieve Clare minus the tragedy. You’ll want her best friend to be your friend. You’ll fall hard for Ahren Finnegan. He’s such a sweetheart. Mostly, you’ll be tired from staying up all night reading because you can’t put this book down. You can check out The Morbid and Sultry Tales of Genevieve Clare on GoodReads or Amazon.

Let us know what fics or books we should add to our reading list! We’d love to here from you.

Until next time….happy reading!



Thanks Michelle!! I am definitely adding these books to my TBR.


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I am a huge reader of young adult, new adult, and paranormal romances. I also have an acute fondness of Robert Thomas Pattinson. I love that I get to share with everyone my love of reading.

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