Tantalizing Tuesdays: War Hero – Alex Minsky

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This week we remember those heroes who died while serving their country. I just thought it might be timely to also remember the people who still live but got injured during the battle. I am crushing on this one particular retired Marine corporal-Alex Minsky, who became a world renowned underwear model. At the beginning of his first tour of Afghanistan in 2009, his Humvee was hit a roadside bomb and his right leg was amputated.

Sure it was really fun looking at those sexy images splattered all over the web and magazines, but do you know their story? Mostly it’s all just beauty from the outside. I mean, of course there’s nothing wrong with that. But these particular images, they speak a lot. Check out his page by clicking here.

In the mean time… Hello American Hero Former Marine Alex Minsky! One Leg? I’ll take him over a lot of two legged men! oh dear god…… YES!

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