To play along just answer the following questions…

1) What are you currently reading? 2) What did you recently finish reading? 3) What do you think you’ll read next?

1) What are you currently reading? Actually, I’m currently listening to Grey by E.L. James which is narrated by Zachary Webber. Holy crap ladies! It really is a divine experience!

2) What did you recently finish reading? This past weekend I reread Fifty Shades Darker and Fifty Shades Freed by E. L. James. 

3) What do you think you’ll read next? I’ve been doing a ton of rereads the past two weeks, and I’m really just not sure what I’ll be reading next. Got any books you want to recommend to me?

Tamie Xo

5 thoughts on “W…W…W…Wednesdays…

  1. Mary Jo Toth says:

    Currently reading: The Allure of Julian Lefray by R.S. Grey … loving it!
    Just finished: Mate 3 by Violet Haze – love this serial and it’s many twists
    Read next: Highland Wolf Pack: Blood Reign by Selena Kitt – enjoying this paranormal Scottish based series


  2. kybookworm says:

    1) Currently reading Monster in his eyes by J. M. Darhower
    2) Just finished the entire Connected series by Kim Karr
    3) Will read next? Don’t know yet?


  3. katiebird says:

    Just finished reading/listening to Grey by EL James, this morning. 🙂 Feeling like I need a break, so not sure what to read next.


  4. Nickie Adler says:

    I am currently reading Taming LiLy Monica Murphy (ARC copy). Just finished last night Grey, and yes, holy crap! Loved it more than the original! Not sure what I’ll read next. However, I do have a question for anyone out there. Do you think E. L. James will also do Christian’s POV for Darker and Freed? Gosh I hope so, since Darker was my favorite of the three books!


  5. Eliza Beth says:

    1) Currently reading: Amusement (K.B. Nelson)
    2) Just finished: Donovan Circus series 1, 2 &3 (Liz Long)
    3) Next up: Monsters in the Dark trilogy (Pepper Winters)
    or Rook & Ronin trilogy (J.A. Huss)
    …still trying to decide!…


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