Katiebird reviews the Forever Mores series by Scarlett Dawn

Forever more series covers


The Forever More series by Scarlett Dawn
King Hallwhere the Mysticals go to learn their craft, get their degrees, and transition into adulthood. And where four new Rulers will rise and meet their destinies.
Lily Ruckler is adept at one thing:  survival.  Born a Mystical hybrid, her mere existence is forbidden, but her nightmare is only about to start. Fluke, happenstance, and a deep personal loss finds Lily deeply entrenched with those who would destroy her simply for existing — The Mystical Kings.  Being named future Queen of the Shifters shoves Lily into the spotlight, making her one of the most visible Mysticals in the world. But with risk comes a certain solace — her burgeoning friendships with the other three Prodigies: a wicked Vampire, a wild-child Mage, and a playboy Elemental. Backed by their faith and trust, Lily begins to relax into her new life.
Then chaos erupts as the fragile peace between Commoners and Mysticals is broken, and suddenly Lily realises the greatest threat was never from within, and her fear takes on a new name: the revolution. 


The safe, comfortable world of Lily Ruckler and her fellow Mystical Kings and Queens is rocked to the core by the attacks at King Hall. Not only does Lily have to kill the Commoners attacking her people, she also has to assume the mantle of leadership, and bring the surviving Mysticals to King Cave.


King Tomb — Queen Shifter, Lily Ruckler, has found solace in brutal warfare. Her bloodied fists and bared fangs fill the holes left in her memory, the blank spaces that leave her soul aching and empty. Her only pleasure is in blood; her only salvation is the relationship she has with her infant child, the baby of unknown origins who brings her solace and stability.

Think Harry Potter meets The Mortal Instruments, but definitely New Adult. All of the main characters are seriously cool, and become thick as thieves. Serious heartbreak and a cliffhanger at the end of the first book. Check out my original post on the first book here.

I recently read the other books in this series and absolutely loved them!! Without giving too much away, I want to share what I loved about each book.


King Hall cover


In the first book, we get to see Lily meet the other prodigies, Ezra, Pearl and Jack. I adored all of them, and liked that they came together at the end. Lily experiences a big loss in the first book, and needs her new friendship with other prodigies, or she won’t be able to be a good Queen.

This book really does a good job of laying the ground work for why the revolution started and the chemistry between Lily and Ezra. They have an incredible friendship, but should that be risked for more?


King Cave cover

In the second book, King Cave, the new Kings and Queens take charge of protection their subjects by getting them to the safety of King Cave. It is there that while they plan and strategize to fight the Coms and get back to peace that things change between Lily and Ezra. With nowhere to else to go, and Pearl and Jack in mourning, Lily and Ezra form a bond that no one could separate.

Since Lily and Ezra have both experienced the loss of their mates, they have a special understanding of what that kind of loss feels like.



Excerpt from Chapter 8:

“I’ve never heard it put that way before.” Ezra tilted his head, eyeing Jack. “It makes sense, though.”

I blinked up at the ceiling. “I see the world through a crack.”

Pearl asked slowly, “Meaning?”

“I mean, I see the possibilities of a future after losing a mate. A truly happy one with another partner. Full of love and kindness and normal fights. At first, after Dominic died, I didn’t see that. All I saw was gray, a life I had to walk through. But now, through the crack, I see a world full of colors, a life I would love to walk through, not one I have to.”

“What’s stopping you?” Jack’s eyes were avid on me.

Ezra grunted. “The rest of the wall.”

I nodded, my head bumping his shoulder. “Exactly.”

Ezra stared at Jack and Pearl. “Once you get to where she’s talking about, which is exactly where I am too, you’ll see that fucking crack is so damn tiny compared to the rest of the damn wall.”

Pearl’s head cocked. “The wall is fear?”

Ezra nodded, but said, “Yes, but that’s not what you feel at first.”

“Disbelief,” I stated, not agreeing with Ezra completely on this one because I felt no fear.

He rubbed the back of his neck. “Then shock.”

I nodded this time. “Then a sort of void.”

He murmured, “A big dose of wariness comes next.”

Ezra glanced at me when I stayed mute.

I shook my head. “I don’t know what comes after that.”

Wariness was where I was currently at, the feeling fairly new to my system.


This is just one of the scenes that I loved in this book. There are others that really hit home for me, and brought tears to my eyes. It is rare that a paranormal series will draw real emotions because it is usually too far from real life, but this series did touch on real life issues and circumstances, and did it well.

Of the three books, this one was my favorite, in spite of the fact that it didn’t have enough of Pearl and Jack in it. I am hoping that if Scarlett continues this series with spin-offs that she might write a book in their points-of-view. I would really love to read more about Pearl and Jack.




By the third book, King Tomb, Lily and Ezra are faced with their own struggles and still be the rulers that they need to be in this war against the Coms and the beasts they created. While they don’t know each other like they used to, the chemistry is still there and won’t be ignored.

At this point, I would love to share more, but I would be giving too much away. I just loved the fight scenes, the love scenes, and the twists and turns that I didn’t expect.

The author says that King Tomb is the conclusion to Lily and Ezra’s story, and definitely felt that way by the end. The window is open for more story-telling.

I have not read past the third book, but plan to check out the other books in the series to see the direction Scarlett has decided to go on. I’ll keep you posted.


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