Katiebird’s Mid-Year Favorites

I can’t believe that we are more than six months into this year!! Where has the time gone? For me I’ve been way more particular about what I read. That means that if I finish a book and put it on my “books that own me” shelf that it didn’t get there easily.

As I reflected on what I have read so far this year, I decided to focus on my favorite thing about reading. Falling in love with the characters. Well, the male character that is…There is only one new book boyfriend on this list, but there are also recurring favorites.



In no particular order, here are the men that I’ve falling in love or have continued to love, because you can never have too many book boyfriends in your life.






Simon Parker from Last Call (The Cocktail series) by Alice Clayton

There really isn’t a reason why you shouldn’t be reading this series, but the last book is like more than just icing on the cake that was probably made by Ina Garten. It’s eating cake in the back of a limo. It’s pie for a wedding cake. It’s San Fransisco in the fall. It’s Simon Parker on painkillers. (Too funny for words). It’s Simon Parker in a tux (Too hot for words). Just read the whole series…OK?!?!


~“Babies. I want to fill you up with babies. Like, make you pregnant with babies. And have some of the babies. Babies. Babies. Caroline? Babies” – Simon Parker  







Ethan Holt from Broken Juliet (Starcrossed #2) by Leisa Rayven


What I think is the main difference between this book and the first is that like the title implies, it’s Cassie that feels broken and not worthy of Ethan’s love.  Honestly as readers, we get to see Ethan in a better light through Cassie’s eyes. Not that I needed any reason to not be more in love with Ethan Holt…

~“You’ve met me, right? I’m Ethan. Late-night drunk-dialer. Compulsive ass-groper. Shameless boob-ogler. Forever-erect-in-your-presence serial masturbator. How the hell could I possibly outgrow that? If anything, it’s gotten worse over the years. Did you not just witness me coming from you fondling my cock for less than three minutes?”- Ethan Holt


The Return cover



Seth Diodoros from The Return (The Titan series) by Jennifer L. Armentrout


Being a fan and lover of all things JLA, I’ve been lusting after Seth since the Covenant series. Seth. Like Alex, I want to believe in him and trust him, because he is her other half. I can’t deny that he is seriously hot and dangerous. There is something off about him, and I can only hope that he will not hurt Alex more than he already has. He is the character that surprises me the most, so I can’t ignore him and his undeniable appeal. Being in Seth’s head, in The Return, wasn’t necessarily eye opening, because he has always been a darker character. I love that JLA takes the New Adult route, because nothing has ever been sugar coated with regards to him.

~I’ve never had anything that was my own,” he said against my mouth. “Nothing that was ever for just me and no one else. I’ve never been anyone’s first.” He kissed me and then lifted his head. I stared into his eyes. “I’ve never been anyone’s only.” – Seth Diodoros


Sea of Stars cover



Trey Allairis from Sea of Stars (Kricket #2) by Amy A. Bartol


Man, he is so perfectly amazingly wonderful in this book. By the end, I found it difficult to not become more attached to the main characters, because of what they go through, not just to be together, but to save everyone that is important to them. The ending is OMG how could you do this to us Amy? good. Hopefully we won’t have to wait too long for the third book, Darken the Stars, for our relief.


~“If this doesn’t work out for us, Kricket, know that I’ve loved you from the moment I held you in my arms on Ethar, and every moment in between. I love you even after my final breath.”- Trey Allairis






Christian Grey from Grey by E.L. James

Like the first time reading the Fifty Shades series, I was completely mesmerized by the character Christian Grey. He stayed with me for awhile after reading. I just couldn’t stop thinking about him. Ms. James could have easily retold this story scene by scene, but she didn’t. She gave us so much more of Christian. He shares his haunted past, reveals interactions and conversations that we didn’t know even happened, and lets us see his insecurities. It is a true revelation to me.

~I’ve never felt this desire, this…hunger before. It’s a new feeling, new and shiny. I want so much from her: her trust, her obedience, her submission. I want her to be mine, but right now…I’m hers.- Christian Grey


Now it’s your turn! I want to know what male character has become your favorite book boyfriend this year.


About katiebird

I am a huge reader of young adult, new adult, and paranormal romances. I also have an acute fondness of Robert Thomas Pattinson. I love that I get to share with everyone my love of reading.

7 thoughts on “Katiebird’s Mid-Year Favorites

  1. Ethan Holt also made it again to my list of bookboyfriends in first half of 2015 🙂 The only new book boyfriend I discover was Josh from I’ll Meet You There by Heather Demetrios.


  2. Meem2854 says:

    I’m new to this website and have recently become addicted to the romance genre but I have a few book boyfriends in order of hotness:
    1. Beckett Taylor from Poughkeepsie because he’s a badass!!!!
    2. Porter Masters from the Never close enough series for his words!!!
    3. Chris Merit from the Inside out series because who doesn’t love a brooding artist!!!!!
    4. Christian Grey from the Fifty Shades in my head…not the movie….:)


  3. Meem2854 says:

    Which ever ones you aren’t familiar with are definitely worth checking out!!!


  4. Deborah Camp says:

    1. Christian Grey. He’s IT.
    2. Johnathan Drazen in Beg, Tease, Submit by C.D. Reiss. Lord, help me! He is so freaking hot!
    3. Mark Compton, the Inside Out series by Lisa Renee Jones. I think he’s so much more interesting than Chris Merit, the other hero in these books.
    4. Forgive me, but I MUST list my own creation — Sexy psychic Levi Wolfe in the Mind’s Eye series — and I’m not alone. My readers are in love with him, too. 🙂


  5. kybookworm says:

    I love Alice Clayton. Her Cocktail series is a perfect mix of funny and hot! All of the men in the series are lickable, but Simon is the most notable. Other BBF’s I’ve added so far this year include: Liam Callahan from J.J. Macavoy’s Ruthless People series. Naz from J.M. Darhower’s Monster in His Eyes. Yum! Yum!, River Wilde from Kim Karr’s Connections Series, cause you just gotta love a tortured musician. and Connor Cobalt, from Krista and Becca Ritchie’s Addicted/Calloway Sisters series. There is nothing like a dominant, genius, billionaire smart-ass, to melt a girl’s panties. 2015 has brought a few old favorites around for a visit, Christian Grey, Gideon Cross, Kellan Kyle. Wow! What a year to be a girl!


  6. Nickie Adler says:

    Definitely Grey and Last Call, I loved them both! Another is the Fixed Trilogy and Hudson by Laurelyn Paige, these four books were amazing. What about Tied by Emma Chase. So many book that I love!


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