Exclusive Excerpt! Release Me by Ann Marie Walker and Amy K. Rogers

I’ll be sharing my review of Release Me by Ann Marie Walker and Amy K. Rogers later today, but for now I want you to just enjoy this exclusive excerpt which is part of one of my favorite scenes from the book. There’s also a giveaway you can enter after the excerpt 🙂


Hudson met her reassuring smile with bewildered eyes. “It’s not fine, Allie. It’s anything but fine.” He shoved a frustrated hand through his hair. “This was supposed to be a romantic train ride through Europe and I’ve hardly had two minutes alone with you. Tea and tours and goddamn seating charts. And look at this place.” He flung his arms out wide. “It’s bad enough I have to go to the next car to take a piss, but fucking bunk beds?”

He yanked his bow tie loose as he made his way into the adjoining room, bumping into the luggage stand on his way to the makeshift sink and cursing under his breath.

“Who says we need a bed,” she murmured.

The seductive, breathy tone of her voice stopped Hudson in his tracks. He turned and his eyes followed her hands as she slowly lowered the zipper on the side of her dress. She peeled the fabric off her shoulder and down her arm so that it slipped from her body and pooled at her feet in a cloud of ivory silk. Beneath the gown she wore an ivory brocade corset and matching lace thong.

Hudson’s lips parted on a sharp intake of air as she stepped out of the dress. His hungry gaze traveled over every inch of her body, but he said nothing. He just watched her, his eyes dark with desire. Being like this for him, trussed up in ribbon and lace and sky-high heels while he stood there fully clothed, made her feel sexy and wanton and utterly his. Just thinking about how it would feel when he finally took her had her pressing her thighs together in an effort to relieve the pulsing ache between her legs.

“I take it you approve?” she whispered, though she already knew the answer. He was hard, his arousal a visible ridge against his fly.

His fiery gaze met hers and he nodded slowly. “Don’t stop.”

Allie’s heart pounded as she untied the ribbon that crisscrossed over the front of the corset. With a smooth tug the ribbon slid through the loops one at time until the fabric finally fell away. Hudson’s eyes flared at the sight of her hardened nipples and his tongue darted out to lick his lips.

The vibrations of the train hummed through her entire body, taking her need for him to an almost unbearable level. She wanted him so badly she trembled. Even though he stood on the other side of the cabin, she could feel the attraction that pulsed between them, same as it had been since the very first time she saw him on the beach all those years ago, a magnetic pull drawing her to him. But she fought the urge to reach for him, choosing instead to let the moment build as she waited for him to make his move.

His fingers flexed at his sides, but other than that he remained perfectly still. “This won’t be gentle,” he warned.

The rough, barely reined timbre of his voice made her core clench with greedy anticipation. She loved him gentle but she might have loved him wild even more. Because in those moments she knew he craved her with the same overwhelming desire she felt for him; knew he needed to be with her, against her, inside her, more than he needed his next breath. It was that knowledge that made the intensity of the feelings she had for him bearable. And it was what allowed her to trust him completely.

She lifted her chin. “Do it.”


There’s a rafflecopter drawing you can enter here for a $50 Amazon gift card. That could buy a whole lot of books!

Release Me comes out tomorrow, and I can’t wait for you to read it!

Huge thanks to Ann Marie and Amy for letting me host this excerpt 🙂

Tamie Xo

6 thoughts on “Exclusive Excerpt! Release Me by Ann Marie Walker and Amy K. Rogers

  1. katiebird says:

    I love traveling on trains through Europe…This book sounds good! 😀


  2. Tasty Book Tours says:

    Thank you so much for hosting RELEASE ME!


  3. msdebms says:

    That excerpt brings a whole new meaning to “riding the rails”! Hot!


  4. Nickie Adler says:

    As always Tammie, your suggestions are spot on! I just ordered it from Amazon. Thanks!


  5. pfworm says:

    Sounds really good!


  6. Charlene E says:

    So excited for Release Me – I LOVED Remind Me!! Hudson is yummy 🙂


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