Musing Mondays…Bookish Buddies

Have you ever made a new friend because of a book? (or books)?

Not just yes, but HELL yes. LOL

The main reason I joined twitter way back in 2009 was to find peeps I could talk to about the Twilight series, and a couple of years after that was when I started Bookish Temptations. Before that tho I have to say that my reading experience was pretty solitary. I’ve had a few book buddies over the years but nothing like the level I have now. It’s so much more fun having others to discuss book and author love with. Many times I’ve had people point things out that I missed or gave a different interpretation of a shared read, and I enjoy that.

What about you?

Tamie Xo

11 thoughts on “Musing Mondays…Bookish Buddies

  1. Gretchen says:

    I have. YOU! And several others. I think that’s the thing I love most about blogging (besides the reading), the connections I make. When book friends become friends. Thanks for being awesome Tamie!


  2. Meem2854 says:

    I’m pretty new to all this…the book blogs and all the contact with authors.
    I’m older and have always been a reader and I’m really enjoying all the interaction. I’m hoping to make lots of book reading friends because they’re the best kind….


  3. Karen Cundy says:

    I always used to love to find someone to chat to about books. Sadly I didn’t find many people who shared my reading passion. Finding book people through Twitter and Facebook has changed how I read. I love the interaction I have with bloggers, readers and authors.


  4. jessiel62 says:

    Yes, I have 🙂


  5. kybookworm says:

    I have been a book nerd, since childhood, and I always loved to find another book nerd, but now the internet, has made it possible for book nerds to connect, from all over the world. It is great to read comments from other book nerds who can be just as passionate about something they have read. I love this blog, and the thoughtful questions you ask. People like you make reading fun!


  6. nawallovexo says:


    There’s something about the bond you create with fellow bookies…

    Recently, I feel like I speak to my book buddies more than my real life buddies.


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