Booking Through Thursday: Unread

What proportion of the books you own are unread?

I truly wish I could say it was a small percentage, but unfortunately it’s much higher than I would like. If I had to guesstimate…which I will…I’m thinking it’s probably about 30%. The problem is that I just can’t read all the books that are sent to me, or that I choose to buy for that matter. Even tho I would say I’m a fairly quick reader, I would have to read almost nonstop to catch up, and this year I promised myself to find a better balance between reading, blogging, and persuing my other interests. So far I’ve done a pretty good job of doing just that. There are still times when there are a bunch of books releasing close together that are on my must read list, but I keep striving for that balance anyway 🙂

What about you?

Tamie Xo

3 thoughts on “Booking Through Thursday: Unread

  1. Stefter says:

    I wouldn’t even venture a guess on what percentage of my books are unread. It’s a lot! I’m a terrible book hoarder. I want them all! Sadly, I have a job and a family so I am unable to read more than I already do. One day! *shakes fist to the sky* As God is my witness… 🙂


  2. Meem2854 says:

    I’m the same way…it’s even easier to be a book hoarder with my kindle…
    the worst is there’s still books I want to get!!!!!!!


  3. kybookworm says:

    When I finish a really good, book, or series, I am tempted, to buy everything I see. I can be like a kid in a candy store. When I actually, try to read, some of them, I end up scratching my head and saying, “What the hell was I thinking?” I can be a little OCD about my TBR list. It was my New Year’s Resolution to read all of the unread books on my ipad, but after two or three tries, at some of the titles, I probably won’t finish that resolution, before December. My unread books probably only make up about 10% of my books, but I have over a thousand books on my kindle and nook aps, combined. So many books, so little time.


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