Rainy Day Reading

Is a rainy day likely to inspire you to read? 

Since it’s been raining almost non-stop for the past 3 days this is a pretty good question for me to answer…

Normally, rainy days do inspire me to grab a good book, and crawl under the covers. I’m one of those that really likes the sound of water in the background. I find it calming. Having said that…it loses it’s appeal for me when it goes on and on and on.

What about you?

Tamie Xo

3 thoughts on “Rainy Day Reading

  1. kybookworm says:

    Curled up on the couch, in my pajamas, with a good BBF is the second best way to spend a rainy day.


  2. Nickie Adler says:

    I totally agree! Reading in bed with my book boyfriend and rain outside, they go hand in hand


  3. Brooke says:

    I love reading on rainy days. I agree with Tamie, it’s really relaxing. Unfortunately and fortunate for me my rainy days have been falling on work days so I can’t really lay in my favorite chair and read but I can lay outside on the sunny off days and read. 😄


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