Katiebird puts the Spotlight on Alice Clayton!

I just finished reading Nuts by Alice Clayton, the first book in The Hudson Valley Series, and it was AMAZINGLY GREAT! I absolutely adore Alice, so in anticipation of her latest book coming out this month, I want to talk about why I love her so much…


Reason 1: Her female lead characters. Alice knows how to write about women who are strong, funny, outspoken in different ways, and genuinely good people. For me, it all started when I read her work before she was published. Grace Sheridan represented all of us fans of a certain very hawt Brit. Her story of how they meet and fall in love was exactly what I wanted to read when I was new to the Twilight fandom. I was so proud and excited for her, when she got her first book published, that when it arrived at my doorstep, I hugged it *true story*, and The Redhead series was born.

clayton books Redhead

Favorite quotes:

“And then I tasted nothing but his sweet lips, pressed firmly to mine, as I kissed him like it was my job.” 

“Twenty-four year olds were my new favourite thing. I needed to tell Oprah to put them on her list.” 

“He was everything I’d ever wanted, and everything I hadn’t even known I needed.” 


I have to talk about Caroline Reynolds, because I can probably relate to her the most, being an interior designer myself. I loved that Alice got the difference between a decorator and designer, because there definitely is one. Thank you Alice! The Cocktail series introduced the concept of secondary characters stealing scenes, especially furry ones, like Clive. When Wallbanger first came out, I would reread the scene where Clive attacks one of Simon’s women in his apartment, when I had a bad day. I still laugh so hard that I pee a little…

Cocktail series

Favorite quotes:

“Wine?” “Am I breathing?” “Wine it is.”

“The girl next door was meowing. What in the world was my neighbor packing to make that happen?” 

“I’m gonna try to steal home.” I smiled. “Silly Simon, it’s not stealing if I wave you in.” 

“How do you make Wallbanger stop smirking? You kiss him.” 

Reason 2: Alice knows how to write funny. I know now after reading…How many books now? 8 books, that I will be laughing out loud for most of the book, so be careful of your Kindle or iPad getting wet from spit-takes. If you are questioning me, just check out my favorite quotes so far, and maybe read the opening scene of Wallbanger. She also has this talent for writing secondary characters that are no wallflowers to the main characters. Some of those characters are so interesting that they get their own books.


Reason 3: Forever sexy and amazing book boyfriends.  OK. She knows her audience because while we are laughing, we are also swooning over the fantastic men that she graces us with in every book. She is the queen of UST and takes it to a new level in The Unidentified Redhead for sure. Jack Hamilton is still my favorite Brit boyfriend, because he won’t go down without a fight. *that’s what she said* After reading Nuts, I now know what a girl could bribe him with to have a threesome with Grace.

-“So if you think for a second I’m going to let you end this without giving me a legitimate reason, you are truly crazier than I thought. I’m in this thing with you, a willing participant, and you can’t decide for both of us. Not anymore.” Jack Hamilton

“Wow, girls sure do weird stuff. Especially you American girls. So much shimmer and sparkle. Who told you tits were supposed to sparkle?” Jack Hamilton

Simon Parker is THE Wallbanger, if that isn’t reason enough to fall for him, you should hear him on painkillers. it’s sweet and hilarious. There just isn’t anything about him that I don’t love, even when he was being a womanizer at the beginning, keeping my girl Caroline up at night with his shenanigans. One more thing, Clive learned from the best.

“Peeling apples, just peeling apples. Didn’t feel your boobs. No, no, not me” Simon Parker

“Babies. I want to fill you up with babies. Like, make you pregnant with babies. And have some of the babies. Babies. Babies. Caroline? Babies” Simon Parker

Last reason: Alice Clayton’s Dedication and Acknowledgments in Last Call. Just read it. I laughed and cried…If you are wondering what kind of woman she is, this explains why I love her so much in her own words.

Nuts cover

Stay tuned for my review of Nuts closer to publication date, October 20th. You can preorder the book here.

Simon and Schuster

Barnes and Noble



Crazy forever fan,


About katiebird

I am a huge reader of young adult, new adult, and paranormal romances. I also have an acute fondness of Robert Thomas Pattinson. I love that I get to share with everyone my love of reading.

4 thoughts on “Katiebird puts the Spotlight on Alice Clayton!

  1. kybookworm says:

    I am soooooooo excited about this book. I love me some Alice Clayton. Her books make me laugh and cry and laugh again. I even love Clive, and I hate cats.


  2. Tamie says:

    Fabulous post and I share your sentiments! 🙂


  3. Leslie Amoros says:

    I just finished my first foray into Alice Clayton by reading Wallbanger…you better believe I will be reading all of her other work! Thank you for a great post!


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