Katiebird Reviews Iniquity by Amy A. Bartol

Iniquity book cover


Iniquity (The Premonition series) by Amy A. Bartol 

I was so nervous about starting this book. We’ve been waiting 3 long years for it, so as more time passed, the expectation kept getting higher for me. Since Amy hasn’t written any book summaries for this series, I am going to do my best to review and summarize…

Without giving too much away, Evie is an Seraphim angel that is so special that she has not one or two, but four men fighting for her. Well, maybe more, but as heroines go, she is pretty awesome. She wants to fight for her freedom and protect her soul so that she can one day ascend to heaven, but not at the cost of her soul mate, aspire or guardian angel. She has to trust her instincts and her friends to see this through to the end.

What I appreciated the most about this last book is that there is a reason for everything. So much is revealed about why things happened the way they did from the very beginning. Amy put so much thought into every detail, every character. I am blown away by all of it. She has this way of describing a scene is such detail that you can see everything happening all around you. Like a movie.


Jane Levy

Jane Levy is my Evie


Now for the reason why I was willing to wait for so long to finish this series. Reed Wellington. Power angel, Champion, and Aspire. There are so many things about him that I love. His devotion to Evie is unparalleled and there is nothing, seriously nothing that he would not to do for Evie.

It’s apparent how much I need her; she’s my air. She’s what is keeping me alive. Without her, I’ll suffocate. 


Nick Hoult 2

Nicholas Hoult is my Reed

As the final installment played out, Brennus is character that can’t be ignored, but I wouldn’t necessarily put him on the good guy list in this series. He probably changes the most and even though I didn’t always understand his dialect, I do appreciate what he accomplishes in the end. He is a fan favorite for sure, and should never be underestimated.

The darkness between my heart and my soul swells, pushing them further apart, making room for Brennus. I’m the light to his darkness. There’s no escape; he’s a part of me. 



Adrian Grenier is my Brennus

As the story came to a close, I became sad that I wouldn’t be reading about these characters again. Even the secondary characters are special, like Zephyr and Russell. I will truly miss them. All of them. But who knows? Maybe this isn’t the end?  You know it’s a good ending, when you want to go back and read the series again from the beginning. Hmm…that’s actually a great idea!


“One day, Reed,” I begin dabbing at his cheek again, “you and I will get in the car and just drive. We’ll wander from silver cities to golden coasts.” I use an alcohol swab to clean the blood from his cheek. “We’ll sleep when we’re tired. When we wake, I’ll find a way to make you laugh and I’ll live in the sound of it.” My throat gets tight because I long for that day to be now. “We’ll find somewhere you’ve never been and we’ll make it ours—fill it with memories of us. That’s what I want.” I finish with the alcohol swab. Leaning close, I gently blow on his healing wound to ease the sting.

Reed takes my hand and brings it to his lips, kissing it tenderly. “And when we get that sleep, there will never be a your side or a my side of the bed—we’ll always meet in the middle. And when I hold you there, in our bed, you’ll let me rest my lips here.” Reed lets go of my hand to move his thumb to caress the sensitive skin of my neck just beneath my ear. I get swept up in him; my body his with one touch. I turn and rub my cheek gently against his palm. 

“And we won’t rush…ever,” I murmur, forgetting to be scared. I want that future with him.

“The world can spin around us but we’ll take our time, savor every moment.” 

My head rests on his shoulder. “Just you and me.” He kisses the top of my head. “I doubt Buns or Brownie will allow that.” 



Team Reed all the way!!


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