Musing Mondays…

What do you do with your books once you’ve read them?

Well, that kind of depends for me. Unfortunately, I don’t have the space to keep all the print books I get, so unless it’s a favorite author, or the book just blew me away with awesomeness I gift it to one of my reading buddies at work.

What about you?

Tamie Xo

6 thoughts on “Musing Mondays…

  1. edwardsvamptramp69 says:

    Unless it’s a FAVORITE of mine………….I usually donate them.:)

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  2. Nickie Adler says:

    Ever since I got my IPad years ago, I never buy actual books. That being said, if it’s a favorite book or author, I don’t delete from my device. I used to belong to book clubs before the Internet, and I never gave them away since they were all hardbacks. Just a week ago I cleaned out my huge book shelves (22′ long and 8′ tall), and I’m donating all my books to the local library. We are moving to Virginia next year, and I have to start down sizing. Funny thing, as I was packing them in boxes, I sat down and read certain chapters. Needless to say this took me a whole week to pack all the books, I’m talking over 200 of them.


  3. Leslie Amoros says:

    Depending on the books, I will lend treasured ones (like The Gabriel Series by Sylvain Reynard) to friends or donate the ones that I am not compelled to keep to various organizations, ranging from the literacy council to thrift shops. I love sharing the love of reading!


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