Musing Mondays (3/28)

THIS WEEK’S RANDOM QUESTION: Have you ever read a book after watching the movie/television version only to find that you don’t like the book as much as the adaptation?

I can really only think of two books right off the top of my head that I saw as movies before I read the books they were based on, although there are probably more.

Midnight in the Garden of Good and Evil by John Berendt was equally good reading and watching. I thought the film adaptation was truly just as good as the book. I highly recommend both. Also, if you’re ever in Savannah, Georgia I would recommend you take a tour of the house, and other locations if you can. Absolutely fascinating!


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Next up is Shogun by James Clavell

This is a BIG book coming in at about 1000 pages, and it’s the kind of book you really have to pay close attention to in order not to get lost, but it’s one of the best stories I’ve ever read. Ditto the mini-series.

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So the answer is no. I’ve seen adaptations that were equally as good, but not better than the books they were based on. OOOOO…and neither of those books are romances. What about you?

Tamie Xo

One thought on “Musing Mondays (3/28)

  1. katiebird says:

    Yes! True Blood the tv series is way better than Susie Stackhouse books. I read the first two books in the series, but they totally fell flat for me. Alan Ball is an amazing producer! He took the characters and storylines to a higher level. 🙂


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