Musing Mondays (9/26)

THIS WEEK’S RANDOM QUESTION: What is currently on your TBR pile?

I’ve had so much going on at work the past few months that my TBR pile has really gotten out of hand, so I’ll list 3.

It Ends With Us by Colleen Hoover

Beautiful by Christina Lauren

Nothing More by Anna Todd

What books are in your TBR pile?

Tamie Xo

3 thoughts on “Musing Mondays (9/26)

  1. msdebms says:

    I think a more accurate question would be…what is NOT on my TBR pile. *hangs head in shame*


  2. Kybookworm says:

    Currently, there are 86 titles on my TBR list. It was my New Year’s Resolution to clear my TBR, but clearly, I haven’t accomplished that goal. The latest additions to my TBR include, “Roman Crazy” by Alice Clayton, anything she releases, will automatically go to my TBR. “Entrapment”, the latest from Aleatha Romig, another automatic addition. and “The Monkey Business Trio”, from CL Parker. I haven’t read this one yet, but the reviews of this series are too tempting to pass up.


  3. Karen Cundy says:

    I went on a spending spree and bought loads but now they are just sat waiting and giving me the evil eye!
    It Ends With Us – Colleen
    Vanquish by Pam Godwin, I decided to put my big girl pants on
    Slow Burn by Kristy Bromberg – sat on my bookshelf for ages.


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