Katiebird Reviews Split by JB Salsbury


Split by JB Salsbury

After her career goes sour, Shyann finds herself jobless, penniless, and packing for her hometown–where unwanted memories await.

Lucas needs the quiet life. And that’s exactly what he’s found in Payson, Arizona. For the first time in his life, he finally feels like his mind is in check. Lucas has suffered from blackouts since he was a child. He knows he’s not like other guys.

But when Lucas meets his boss’s daughter, her probing eyes and personal questions pick away at his barriers. Shyann is everything he should never have…everything he wants. And soon the blackouts return. The last thing he wants is to expose how dangerous he can be–but he’s helpless, and it could cost him Shyann.

This book was such a surprise to me! So very different from anything I’ve read before. I’m going to share my thoughts without giving too much away…

This is my first book from JB, and I am very impressed. She totally pulled this off, and I’m not sure that just any author could do that. It really is very unique.

After Shyann’s mother died, she left her home and her life behind. She just couldn’t face all of the grief and sadness. She made herself feel nothing, and found the perfect job, news reporter, that requires you to feel nothing. But one can only hide and run from their feelings for so long, until it just surfaces unexpected.

Lucas is also running from his own grief, but he is so much more damaged. Honestly, there are certain situations that he went through as a child, that I could barely stomach, and am not even remotely surprised by Lucas’ reasons to run and hide. When we meet him, he is just finding some peace in his life and his true talent for working with wood is getting the attention that he deserves.

I love Shyann’ father and brother. They are so wonderful at supporting Shyann. With Lucas, they truly love his talent, and don’t judge his quiet demeanor.

I want to share more, but don’t want to ruin what happens between Shyann and Lucas. I want you to read it like I did, just reading the summary, and taking the advice of other friends who recommended this book.


favorite quotes


What I want is to freeze time. I want to record how she feels in my hands, the longing in her eyes, the heat of her breath. I want to slow every single moment with her down so seconds last hours until her touch is branded into my memory. 

Tilting my head, I kiss her with the emotion of a man who never believed in love but who with this one woman has learned that even the dammed have a chance at redemption. Even the vile can find acceptance. 

I can’t say enough about how special this romance is, and the alternating points of view, make it so easy to become attach to the characters.

5 stars

I give this book 5 outstanding stars, and put it on my “top shelf fantastic reads” shelf on Goodreads. There is also a book giveaway on Goodreads, where you can win a printed copy of the book! Check it out here.





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