18 and Over: Hot for Teacher…

Question of the Week: It’s that time of year again – back-to-school time! Name one (or a few) of your favorite books that feature hot fictional teachers…

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18 and Over: Hurt Me So Good???

Question of the Week:
So today I’m reading the ARC for Beyond Pain by Kit Rocha. It stars the extremely sexy Bren who’s a masochist. Don’t confuse him for a submissive though, because he’s definitely in control in the bedroom. He does like a good deal of nail scratching, biting, and is hornier than a drunk college boy in the girl’s dorm on campus after he’s done with a good ass kicking. This makes me wonder… do you like reading romances where there is a healthy of dose of sadomasochism and/or masochism? Or are you turned off from a book when things get… painful?

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18 and Over: Up Late and Worked Up!

Question of the WeekWhat was the last book that kept you up late into the night just to finish and got you all worked up in the process? (You know what I’m talking about *wink*)

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18 and Over: Judging You…

Question of the Week: Judging a book by its cover. We’ve all done it. But have you ever judged a book wrongly based on its cover? What book have you loved that based on the cover, wouldn’t have normally picked up? What book have you read, based on the cover alone, that disappointed you?

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18 and Over: DNF’s

Question of the Week: When you DNF a book or rate a book two ‘stars’ or lower, do you post a review for it on your blog? Have you ever emailed the author about it?

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18 and Over: Sexy Times

Question of the Week: What’s your favorite time period for your fictional fantasy men? Do you drool over a Scottish Highlander in his kilt swinging his… err… claymore? Do you want a bodice ripper to scandalize you before the ton? Maybe a modern day Commando to sweep you off your feet and then tie you up in creative ways? Or perhaps a futuristic space pirate to kidnap you away from Earth and tempt you with all of his unknown alien bedroom secrets? *eyebrow wiggle*

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18 and Over: New Adult?!?

Question of the Week: New Adult Romance. Can’t get enough? Tired of seeing it everywhere? or Undecided?

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Mags Interviews Amanda Carrington from Voice of Erotica and; The Voice


A few weeks back I started hearing a lot of buzz on Twitter about a new account called Voice of Erotica.  I was a little apprehensive at first but I finally took the time to look their website ‘Voice of Erotica’ and was really pleased I did.  I found that it is a funny grown up female perspective on what women find erotic.  I also found some rather fantastic short stories about a character called Tania Fye written by Amanda Carrington.  The talented Amanda also writes poems or ‘scribblings’ as she likes to call them.  What brought a whole new dimension to Voice of Erotica is the presence of The Voice who narrates Amanda’s erotic tales. I am delighted I was able to have a few words with the lovely Amanda and her partner in crime The Voice.

M: Amanda it’s so nice to speak to you and thank you for agreeing to take part in this interview.  As you are so new to many of us would you like to tell us a little bit about yourself?

A: Right, where to start? I left the UK at 17 and have lived abroad pretty much ever since. I speak 4 languages; have 2 children, 1 dog and a husband who’s a Dutchman. I spend most of my time travelling between Spain and UK for work reasons. I’m a very outgoing, sociable kinda gal. The kind you want to invite to parties as I usually end up being the evening’s entertainment. Yes, I’m the table dancer after 2 glasses of wine. I also dabbled in the interior design business for a few years, renovating houses to sell on.
I started my sex toy wholesale business after setting up my own condom business in Italy 20 years ago. One thing led to another and before I knew it I was supplying the country with sex toys, lingerie and accessories. I still sell a line of toys, lingerie and fancy dress but all online these days. I was always proud that my job brought a lot of sexual pleasure to many people.

M: After years working in that industry you must have some fun stories you could tell us?

A: Oh, believe me, I have stories that would make your toes curl. Having participated in all the major sex fairs over the years I can guarantee it’s the public that make the stories as opposed to the people in the business.

People watching at the trade shows have been my favourite hobby over the years. I’ll never forget in Brussels one year, my booth was right next to the dressing room so I got to see everyone as they came in much to my delight.

A very well dressed older gentleman came down the stairs in a beautifully tailored suit with cashmere over coat looking every inch like a top lawyer or Doctor.

He proceeded to take off his coat, his suit jacket, shirt and pants only to reveal the smallest red PVC thong you can imagine.

He then opened the small suitcase he was carrying and took out cowboy boots and a cowboy hat. He slipped into them so gracefully and totally oblivious to the wide-eyed stares of the people around him.

He left all his belongings in the dressing room, turned around and waltzed off like a rhinestone, thong-clad, naked cowboy. That image will stay with me forever.

M: Wow, I’ve heard it all now! So what motivated you develop Voice of Erotica (VOE)?

A: VOE kind of came out of the blue while sitting on the beach with a friend one day. Talking about erotica and how there was a lack of sensually stimulating things for women out there. It was all hard, vulgar stuff that I think most women would find quite off-putting. So the wheel was put into motion. I decided I wanted to create something exclusively for women – something erotic, clean, spicy and high class.  The Voice came later as the spoken word to my erotica hence Voice Of Erotica was born.

M: What do you think women really want when it comes to sex? I believe that most women are a bit kinky but are too embarrassed (not me I’m a self confessed perv) to admit it & probably wouldn’t admit it to their friends?

A: I think a lot more women are opening up and do talk to their friends about sex. I also think the older we get the kinkier our sexual desires, thoughts and fantasies become. I know that my fantasies were quite tame at 20 but now in my 40’s they are quite something else.

Our sexuality grows and develops with us as we learn the things we like and don’t like. We also live in a world that is a lot more accepting of sexual differences, which mean we are exposed to a lot more, especially living in the age of the Internet.

I think a lot of women would secretly love their husbands/partners to drag them upstairs, throw them on the bed and ravish them. The majority of women these days would rather have raunchy sex than sweetly make love and this is something that has definitely changed over the years. Women like to feel sexy, the sexier they feel the more uninhibited they become. If they don’t feel sexy they probably won’t want to have sex, I’m sure it works the same way for most of us. Women are a lot less timid today than 20 years ago.

M: I totally agree, especially now with the huge success of Fifty Shades of Grey, Bared to You, This Man etc… I think these books have opened up women’s inhibitions and got them talking more freely about sex.

I really love the blog posts on VOE they are a lot of fun, I especially enjoyed the one on foreplay (men it’s important!)

A: Yes, foreplay is a huge factor in good sex especially for a woman. If a man works his magic for about 10 minutes before sex the result will be much more intense than a quick wham-bam-thank- you-ma’am. Foreplay is all about getting to know your lover’s body, their smell, their skin, their taste; it is the most sensual part of sex and should never be over looked. A woman’s body has so much to offer and should be discovered slowly and vice versa, men love to be touched and stroked and kissed. A kiss, teasing lips, a tongue and a nibble can have us melting with desire, it’s all foreplay.


M: I’m so pleased you brought VOE into the world for us all to enjoy. One of the things I love about your site is that it is frank, yes, but also very classy and humorous at the same time.  Now Amanda your writing is obviously a big part of VOE, what inspired you to write these stories and ‘scribblings’?

A: I think you will find a perfect combination of funny, inspirational and educational blog posts and stories. Our website is created for women who like a little erotica without the vulgarity of pornographic images or words. Erotica for ladies, clean, classy but stimulates the imagination.

I have always enjoyed writing poetry and I was always pretty good at writing essays at school but other than that I’ve never publicly written anything before now. I decided to write because I couldn’t find anything that I’d like to read. Everything was quite hard, vulgar words that really don’t do it for me. I thought maybe there are other women searching for the same, so why not have a go. I began writing the stories and sending them to my girlfriends who all loved them. This inspired me immensely, my friends wanted to read more of my erotica, so I thought maybe other women would too.


M:  Well I really enjoyed Virtual Love Affair and Risqué Business; they put a huge smile on my face.  Ladies serious you have to listen to these stories narrated by The Voice, they are so hot!

Amanda Are we going to be able to read and listen to a whole novel about Tania Fye?

A: I haven’t thought about that to be honest. I have a whole lot of stories written in a secret diaries kind of format. I guess they could all come together for a novel if there was an interest for one. For now I’m happy with the short stories being released once a month. People are taking a shine to Miss Tania Fye, she plays a huge role in VOE. She is living my stories.


M: She is and I do love Tania, I think she’ll grow into a character we all love. The unique element of VOE & your writing is the presence of ‘The Voice’ on your site, you use him to narrate your stories and wow, does he brings the stories to life! What gave you the idea of using ‘The Voice’ and how did you discover him?

A: He is the voice to my erotica and he certainly brings the stories to life doesn’t he. Well I’ve always found reading a book especially a sexy book can become quite an encumbrance for ones hands if you know what I mean. I’d like to read a story hands free which is almost impossible if lying in bed. I thought that if I could find the perfect male voice to read my stories I’d

a) Have something a little different to what’s already out there and
b) I’d get to bring a lot of pleasure to a lot of women by combining the two.

We constantly get referred to as the erotic match made in heaven, which is a wonderful compliment.  I actually found him via an advert I put in a magazine looking for voice over artists willing to read erotica. I was surprised to have received so many demos back. There were 7 of us sat in the office listening to all the tapes and we all unanimously went weak at the knees with only one.
His.  The Voice was born and the rest is history.

M: Amanda I know exactly what you mean!! Good thinking batman hehe 😉 And may I say very good choice for The Voice! You and he are a stella combination.


Now I’m almost hyperventilating because I’m about to ask The Voice a few questions *deep calming breaths*

M: Mr Voice, thank you so much for joining us. Now that voice of yours just about made me crash my car the other week whilst listening to Virtual Love Affair I walked into work with the biggest grin on my face and well i’m sure you can guess the rest….. *blushing*.  When did you first become aware that you had what many women consider to be a sexy voice, deep, indulgent, reverberating…………Oh sorry I got a bit distracted. So oh yeah I was asking you a question.

V: I’m always very happy to know that I’ve been able to put a smile on a ladies face. Nothing more sexy than a happy, confident, blushing woman. I’m also glad you didn’t crash your car – I’d hate to have had that on my conscience! I have been informed by the NHS that all my audios will soon have to be accompanied by government health and safety warnings. I’ve known for a while that I may possess a sexy voice but it has really been recently, whilst working with Amanda, that I have come to appreciate the effect I may have!

M: Oh you have an effect alright! (concentrate woman!).  You use some rather raunchy background noises for your narration of Amanda’s stories, please do tell me where you found these? Or were they homemade? *blushing*


V: I can definitely confirm that the raunchy background sounds that you hear whilst I narrate Amanda’s wonderful words are indeed, quite possibly maybe, bespoke recordings and inspired by the story itself. I do hope that answers the question for you.


M: *Scraping myself up off the floor* So what do you love the most about being ‘The Voice’?

V: That’s easy! As I said before, I love to spread a little happiness and to talk with the gorgeous VOE Ladies. Oh, and it is, of course, just the smallest boost to my ego! But on a serious note, it really is an amazing thing to see a wonderful group of ladies come together and belong to something they enjoy, flirt a little, smile a lot, and have fun.

M: Yeah, I love the VOE Ladies Club , especially the lovely bejewelled avi’s you create, they are so pretty.


M: Do you find women drooling when they hear you speak in your everyday life?

V: All the time. My main concern is their safety so I always try to insist they are sitting down before I speak with them. I now also carry with me a medical kit including smelling salts, oxygen etc. and, in case of a real emergency, a defibrillator.

M: Oh V you’re so funny and considerate *blushing shamelessly*

Now that actually gives me an idea! I bet you could make reading a shopping list even sound sexy?

V: I’m always willing to try something new. You may have already heard my Cocoa Butter Audioboo, which was great fun to do as we love a challenge at Voice Of Erotica. So here goes with a shopping list!

Click here to listen to The Voice reading Mags Shopping List

Shopping List

M:  *puddle on floor* Oh wow V that was sooooo sexy! Can you come round the supermarket with me next week and just read my list to me? I don’t think I’d get much shopping done but it would be a lot of fun hehe.

V: I think that we could certainly make it an entertaining and enjoyable shopping experience. You would certainly leave the supermarket smiling even if you hadn’t bought everything you went in for!

M: Ok it’s a date, I’ll pick you up at 10am on Monday.  Until then I’ll tuck myself up listening to ‘Come to Bed With The Voice’. Until next time x

Well, I’m just about recovered from the excitement of conducting this interview enough to say a big thank you Amanda and V.

Mags x

You can follow Voice of Erotica online at Voice of Erotica on Twitter @VoiceOfErotica  and Facebook.

18 and Over: Beat the Heat?!?

Question of the Week: What’s your favorite way to beat the heat? With a light and humorous romance? A book set in the chilly north or maybe a Christmas in July special? Or is hotter better, do you crank up the heat with a sexy romance?

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18 and Over: Fantasy to Reality Couple +1?!?

Question of the Week: Fantasy to Reality: Do you like to read steamy romance books where the story line circles around a hot sexy couple + 1 (or more)? Or is Ménage à trois one person too many for you?

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