Fan Fiction Friday celebrates Suitablyironicmoniker

It’s me this week and I just finished reading the latest completed story from Suitablyironicmoniker called Isabella.


Isabella banner


If you love Historical fiction, then you will love this story. I first heard about it when Cullenboyz recd. it in her guest post she did for us last year.  Check out her thoughts here. But this is not the first story from Suitablyironicmoniker that I’ve read and loved, so join me in celebrating her other stories as well…


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Fan Fic Friday: The Other One and Covert Masquerade

It’s me this week, and I wanted to talk about two completed stories I’ve read recently that I loved!

One is a an oldie that I stumbled upon when researching BDSM stories for another post. So glad I found it!! The Other One couldn’t be more different…

red nose gif

 Just because Rob is just too cute for words, and he makes me smile.

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Fan Fic Friday: What Michelle has been reading lately…

Hi everyone!! I so love when Michelle is able to share what she’s been reading lately. You just know it’s going to be good!

Take it away Michelle…


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Fan Fic Friday: Spring Southern Twi Fic Meet up

I think it might actually be Spring here in Chicago. We finally got out of the 40s and might even be in the 60s this weekend!! I can feel the warm coming on…

I am sure that the weather was amazing for the ladies at the Southern Twi Fic Meet Up, and lucky us, we had Meg to represent us…


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Fan Fiction Friday: Why didn’t I read this one sooner?…

Hi kids!! It’s Meg’s post this week, and she is reviewing some really great “classic” fics that maybe you haven’t taken the time to read.

I know there are some fics on my TBR list that I am still hoping to make time for.

Take it away, Meg….


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Fan Fiction Friday: Something Beautiful Remains and Stripped Desire

Since it’s Good Friday for those who celebrate Easter, I wanted to share two fics that I recently read and love. Think of it as my “good deed” for this Friday!

One is a WIP and the other is complete, so there is something for everyone…


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Fan Fiction Friday: Meg is fangirling over Hoodfabulous

It’s Fan Fic Friday! Yay! There are certain authors that I love and feel connected to on some level. Whether it’s their writing style or how they make me feel when reading, I know that I will love what they write. 🙂

Meg wants to share with us why she loves Hoodfabulous


hoodfabulous banner


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Fan Fiction Friday: Michelle is back with what she wants to read…

OMG!! I love when Michelle shares what’s on her TBR list, because you know it’s got to be good. I also love some of the authors that have recently started new fics.

Oh, right. One more thing…

Vanity Fair party 2015

The sex hair is back!! Man, does he look good in blue..


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Fan Fiction Friday: Stories on the Erotic Side

Hello there…That title peaked your interest, didn’t it? After rereading Fifty Shades of Gray, seeing the movie, then rereading the other books in the series, it made me want to go back to look for fan fic stories with similar themes. You know…darker, more erotic themes. 😉

I couldn’t help but reminisce on the days when fan fic was new for me. I longed to read more stories that filled in the blanks with regards to Ms. Meyer’s “fade to black” scenes. Miss Meg and I compiled a list of stories that fit the more NC-17 rating and are considerably darker in nature. So excited that she wanted to help me out with this post!

Check it out if you feel so compelled…

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Fan Fiction Friday: Better late than never….

Hey Fan Fic fans, we are back!! After spending my Valentine’s weekend at the movies watching the amazing Fifty Shades of Gray, I am all about delayed gratification. LOL

Michelle and Annie still want to share their love on what to read that is swoony and lovey-dovey, because it’s cold outside, and we need some crazy hot/sweet fics to read, right???

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