Illustrated Temptations: The Best of 2014 (Part 1)



YAY! OMG! I can’t believe what a great 2014! Happy New Year my beloved readers! I’d like to say THANK YOU! For appreciating all my illustrations and book recommendations. To the awesome AUTHORS, THANK YOU for trusting me with your babies and appreciating all the things that I do to support you.

YOU ROCK my 2014!

I still owe you guys and some authors; and I promise to give you one of the coming Wednesdays this 2015. 😉

Today, let’s look back and reminisce.

Click on the images to be transported in time. 🙂

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Katiebird’s Mid Year Favorites

While pondering on what I should read next, I decided to go back over what I’ve read so far this year. Then it hit me, we are at the mid year mark for 2014!

I am definitely a list maker, especially when it involves my favorite things, like books I’ve read. Here are my Mid Year Top 5 favorite books for 2014.


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Illustrated Temptations: My Favorites so far…


Hey Peeps! Wow, I can’t believe it’s July already! aaaahhhhh! I just wanted to do a Wayback Wednesday and let’s check out how far we’ve gone on our TBR list since January this year.  It’s surely a lot and won’t fit in one post so maybe expect a Part 2? *wink*

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Illustrated Temptations: The Plan by Qwen Salsbury


Hey guys! Whatcha reading today? Can I pique your interest into reading something new and awesome. Of course, yes! So be my guest.;))

We’ve been celebrating this week the release of a new, exciting book from Qwen SalsburyThe Plan. Check out Katiebird’s review here and Tamie’s review + giveaway here. Oh plus get to know the author from the bonus interview by Katiebird.

So, ready for a visual? Here you go…

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Tantalizing Tuesdays: My Alaric Canon in the Flesh!!! – E. B.

Happy Tuesday peeps!

Since we are celebrating the release of Qwen Salsbury‘s book The Plan this week on Bookish Temptations, I thought I should show you who I pictured as Alaric Canon–the male hero in the story.

Meet Eric Belanger, he is a French Canadian model who graces a lot of fashion magazine and carries big names like Bvlgari, Armani and the like.


HEIGHT: 187CM / 6’1.5

Since I do my communication better on photos, let the man take you away…

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Man Candy Monday: Bryce Thompson…YOWZA!

We all love book boyfriends, so Man Candy Monday is all about sharing the love…and the hot guys around by letting everyone know the book boyfriend you have been swooning over this last week, and why!

Thanks to @fics2flicks for bringing this totally yummy guy to my attention in a big way. As to which book boyfriend I think he would represent most admirably? Check that out at the end. For now…just sit back and enjoy…

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Blog Tour! Tamie Reviews: The Plan by Qwen Salsbury with GIVEAWAY!


Day of Employment: 359

11:05 a.m.

Location: Cubicles outside Canon’s office.
Co-workers: Betting on how long Canon’s new PA will last.
Me: No doubts. Ms. Gum-smacker won’t last the day. I need to place my bet.
Manolo Blahnik’s New Fall Shoes: Mine. As soon as Madeline hands over my winnings.

Emma Baker has never spoken a word to Alaric Canon, nor has he to her. But she’s studied him every day across the office tundra for almost a year. Canon is hard and fierce, terrifying and beautiful. He’s also the most stern, unforgiving person Emma has ever seen. Emma’s co-workers run a betting pool for Personal Assistant terminations. There’s a separate pot for the day one leaves without crying. Not likely…Canon made a former Navy SEAL cry.

He has high standards and low tolerance. Everyone knows it. Everyone stays away. Everyone who can, that is. Except Emma. She can’t look away. Alaric Canon is the single most attractive man she’s ever seen. Bar none.

Canon has never noticed her. Not once in almost a year. She’s not even a blip on his radar. But she will be. His radar will be blipless no more.

It is a goal. Emma has a plan.

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