Sunday Shout Out and Book Recommendation!

Check out the book I’m recommending for you to read in this Sunday shout out…

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Five Friday Favorites: Character Names

Hosted by Book Badger this weekly meme provides topics to showcase book related five favorites each and every Friday.

I’m doing last week’s topic which was character names…

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Throwback Thursday: The FEVER series by Karen Marie Moning

The Fever series by Karen Marie Moning really had a huge impact on me in many ways, so it seemed fitting that I talk about it for my 1st Throwback Thursday post…

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Sexy Sentence Saturday: Darkfever by Karen Marie Moning

sexy sentence saturday

Today’s Sexy Sentence Saturday comes from Darkfever by Karen Marie Moning. The Fever series is one of my top 5 favorites, and I don’t mind admitting that back when I first read it in 2011 I was truly booksessed for quite a long time. Here are some of my favorite quotes from book one…

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I’ve talked about my love of literary Alpha males before. This post by Kat is fabulous! My favorite Alpha males in books? Gabriel Emerson, Christian Grey, Gideon Cross, and Jericho Barrons.

Talk To The Shoe

The Lure of the Great Alpha Male

© 2012 by Kat Bastion

We all want him.  Not just any alpha male.  
We all want the Great Alpha Male.

The Alpha Male…

An alpha doesn’t walk into a room.  He commands it.  Without effort, he could defeat every male there.  The intangible vibe pouring off those broad shoulders announces the danger louder than a bull horn.  Every other wise man in the room heeds the warning.

Every single woman responds to the dominant presence.  Instinctually.

Something primal takes over.

Our hair gets fluffed without thought.

Perfectly glossed lips get licked.

Shirts are pulled down lower, chests stuck out further, hips swayed another degree right and left in an unconscious effort to gain the spectacular male’s notice.

The mating dance has begun. 
He surveys the group of potential females. 

Each woman hopes for a chance to be the one…
The female above all…

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Sexy Sentence Saturday: Darkfever by Karen Marie Moning…

Today’s Sexy Sentence Saturday comes from the first book of one of my top 5 series: Darkfever by Karen Marie Moning.

I read this series in March of 2011, and I was addicted to it for months…O, and Jericho Barrons? Yup…he’s one of my top 3 fantasy boyfriends, along with Gabriel Emerson, and Christian Grey. If you’ve never read the Fever series you really should….

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Poll Results Are In So…

Poll results are in…

Smooches and hugs to all who voted 🙂

I’d love to see more of those =69%

( I know y’all are wanting me to comment on that percentage…it’s a mighty fine number…mighty fine)

I’d be ok with that  = 19%

I don’t care one way or the other  = 4%

Nope…not interested  = 8%

Clearly those that voted want to see some fantasy dates around here so…

Um…wouldja, couldja vote in these 2 related polls…please…please…please?!?

I can’t make any guarantees on answers 1,2, or 4…I can only beg…I’m not above begging…but no promises…

Choose as many as you like and add ur own choices…

That’s it for the moment…thanks to everybody who voted!

Tamie Xo

Barrons’ Sex POV on Audio…

Hey Fever Fans! Do y’all remember the Sex from JZB’s POV that Karen Marie Moning published last year?!?

Well…KMM has had an audio version made and you can purchase it for $1.99 thru her website. The article itself is wonderful and I encourage you to read it if you haven’t. At the end she writes “The Alpha Alternative download includes a scorching hot 30-minute audio recording of the sex scene I wrote from Jericho Barrons’ point of view, plus a PDF download of the text for your eReaders and computers.” and “Email me and let me know what you think. Phil and Natalie totally nailed the scene! Not much makes me squirm.  This did :)”

Something else I really love is that she has a small sample to let you listen to. I’d warn you that the sample is graphic tho short, but if ur a Fever gurl like me that’s A-OK. Now I’m also the type of gurl who must have anything and everything available to add to my Fever collection, so yes I’ve purchased it. If anybody else has or does lemme know what you think.

Tamie Xo

This and That…

Today I wanted to discuss and share  a little of this and that…some quickie thoughts if u will. Altho I must confess I don’t normally advocate for quickies…sometimes a quickie is just what you need…for the moment 😉

Titles – When I first started doing reviews and other posts one of the hardest things for me to do was come up with a title. I knew I wanted it to be something catchy, and I wanted it to be something that would make people want to read whatever it was. Reviews don’t really lend themselves to that however, unless I want to make it so long it takes up 2 lines…Problem with that is I never liked how it looked at the top of the post. A secondary problem is that it makes the link sooooooooooooo long. I kind of gave up being creative on that, and pretty much just stick with the standard book blogger format, boring tho it may be.

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Search Engine Terms #2…

Back in December I shared some of the search engine terms that have brought people to Bookish Temptations. The number of visits via search engine terms has  grown a lot since BT began, versus those brought to the site from what used to be the majority ie.  Twitter, Facebook, Goodreads, a link from another site, etc.

That of course is good news because it means that we’re reaching people who might not have found us otherwise, and that if they like what they see they’ll return.  All blogs need new viewers to continue growing, and I’m really happy to say that Bookish Temptations has seen a very steady growth in site visits since it began.

There’s a great team of people here who put a lot of effort into making BT a place you’ll want to visit over and over. We appreciate each and every visit…each comment left…all the RT’s on twitter, and everything our faithful readers do to support us.

That being said I thought it might be fun this time to give you my reactions to some of the search engine terms…they are unedited btw and my comment appears in  parentheses…

sylvain reynard gabriel’s inferno moan (hmmmm)

why are jamie and lord john fightinh at the beginning of the scottish prisinor

stories about hucows  (you can google it for an explanation O’0)

“sylvain reynard” turtles

bookish tempttions

most seductive line in fifty shades of grey

let’s get popp rockin with descriptive writing (not a clue)

gabriel emerson potential actors (I have a few in mind)

e.l. james literary agent

anonymous twi

best book 2011 poughkeepsie debra anastasia

books feed my mind with fantasy (mine too)

actor to play christian grey in fifty shades of grey (Yes please)


“do you know how much you mean to me?” he breathes against my ear. “no,” i gasp.

“fifty shades” grammer (I never think of grammar when I think of Fifty)

fantasy boyfriends (I have lots of those)

sexy indie bath tube

+picture of sylvain reynard (Sorry, don’t have that 4 u)

reading on clive owen

blog christian grey (Christian and blogging? Could be interesting non?!?)

jerico barrons car holy fucking cow

a discovery of witches fever series (2 books in 1 search engine term…clever)

twi totally anonymous writing contest

lost girl, copyright infringement, fever series, moning

does christian die in fifty shades freed (read the book)

make my fantasy boyfriend (you gotta do that urself dood!)

what would christian grey look like


gabriel’s inferno movie adaptations

e.l james literary agency is

when is gabriel’s inferno second book coming out (the sooner the better)

l want christian grey (line forms behind me)

inferno disclosure

fotos jericho z barrons

dirty one shots and fanfics

rehvenge barb

david gandy is barrons (lots of people would agree…I’m still thinking Jason Momoa)

british erotica

explain of purebred

characters from but i love him book

what to read after shadow fever (IKR?!?)

topping from the bottom fifty shades freed (I googled that one too)

literary crack

Last but not least…here are the top 3 search engine terms that have brought someone to Bookish Temptations:

bookish temptations, “gabriel’s inferno”, fifty shades freed 

We’ll do this again in a couple of months cuz I know I’ll get some more good ones, and just in case you were wondering…yes, I have googled many of these myself after seeing them because sometimes I just don’t get the connection…sometimes I find it, but other times I’m still left wondering. Now, go forth and search engine term away…it may show up here someday 😉

Tamie Xo