Katiebird’s Most Anticipated Books for 2017



Wow! Is it really the end of 2016? So much reading to do. So little time…

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Katiebird Reviews Iniquity by Amy A. Bartol

Iniquity book cover


Iniquity (The Premonition series) by Amy A. Bartol 

I was so nervous about starting this book. We’ve been waiting 3 long years for it, so as more time passed, the expectation kept getting higher for me. Since Amy hasn’t written any book summaries for this series, I am going to do my best to review and summarize…

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Our Most Anticipated Books We’re Looking Forward to in 2015

best of 2014

Anticipation…that’s what this post is all about, because these are the books we’ve already spent weeks and months waiting to get our hands on. Here then the top 10 books we most want to read in 2015…

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