The Dior Intense Distraction

Dior Homme Intense

I had every intention on doing a post this week on what I was reading, but then I got distracted by my favorite man….

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Katiebird celebrates Rob’s birthday!!

My favorite guy celebrated his birthday this week!! I just adore Robert Pattinson, but I bet you already knew that about me. LOL Being his #1 fan, I couldn’t pass the chance to do my own kind of celebrating.


Since we are into books around here, I thought I would talk about some of my favorite book characters that my Rob has portrayed perfectly on the big screen.


Hey there birthday boy...

Hey there birthday boy…


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Katiebird Goes to London…

Ha! Tricked you! I haven’t really gone to London, but what I love the most about reading is that I can feel like I am traveling to a new place without actually leaving home.

I recently read two amazing books that I want to share with you that happen to be based in London, England. A city I would love to visit one day, because English men are weakness of mine. LOL










Henry Cavill 3










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Man Candy Monday: Those Sexy Brits!!!

a man candy monday banner

I was chatting with someone about this week’s Man Candy Monday post, trying to decide on what I wanted to go for theme wise, and someone said…”You love a lot of Brits…do that”…so yeah…that works for me 😉

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Fan Fic Friday: Annie’s Beardwardo Adventures

Hey there y’all! Katiebird and Michelle are busy and have left me here to run amok things. Really, they should know better by now. Of course I have pounced on the opportunity to pretty up the place. I grabbed my bae (I’m down with the kids, yo), Debb, to help me. Yay!

 Welcome to the Wonderful World of Beardy Edward

HappyBirthdayAnnie.jpg_large - Edited

(Pretend that was sparkly too, ok?)

My love for Edward is pure and true. My love for beards is dirty and lusty. Perfect combo, right? Beards are just plain manly. Picture your beloved Edward with a nice, thick, soft beard, evidence of his masculinity.  UNF. Now imagine how that nice, thick, soft beard would feel on your skin. Now you get the idea. [Debb: LoofahEdward… *eyes glaze over*]

I have gathered for you, with the help of my twitter friends, several stories with beardy Edwards. I found that some of my favorites have been pulled. *Aro voice* This is a sadness. However there are still some sexy, manly beardy Edwards out there.

Lots more, and no razors allowed, after the jump!

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Man Candy Monday: Suit Porn ;)

a man candy monday banner 

This weeks Man Candy Monday won’t feature hot guys in their underwear…or out of them either, because as much as we all love those yummy visions… I also FLOVE to see hot guys dressed up.

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Man Candy Monday: KISS ME!

a man candy monday banner

Anybody here that doesn’t love a man with super kissable lips? Yeah…that’s what I thought, so this week’s Man Candy Monday brings you just that…

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Fan Fiction Friday: What We’ve Been Reading Lately….

Hi Kids! Every couple of months, we like to do a post where we share what we’ve been reading lately outside of fan fiction. Because believe it or not, there are actually books out there that we love and think you should read too!!

Let’s get to this, shall we…..

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Fan Fiction Friday: Annie’s thinking outside of the box…

It’s Annie this week here! I love when she shares what she’s reading that might not be the norm for some of us.  To balance things out, she’s reminding us of who we all love and why..


Wondering why Michelle is?? I think she is still recovering from Cannes.

Wondering where Michelle is?? I think she is still recovering from Cannes.

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Tantalizing Tuesdays: Afternoon “Brit” Delight – Robert Pattinson

Hello Tuesday! I hope everyone is doing great!

I don’t think I need more introductions nor words to describe my yummy eye candy for today. I mean, hello? Who doesn’t know Robert Pattinson!lol you can call me old school but yeah, I love this guy. I love Brit. I love mesmerizing eyes. I love guys with chiseled jaw. In short I love RP. Ok anyways, hold on to that thought…we do have some oggling time to do…

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