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While I’m having a fabulous and truly epic time here in and around Toronto, Bookish has some fun things here for you this week…

Monday April 16th- Book Blogger Confessions

*Review/ Guest posts policy*

Tuesday April 17th- Elena reviews: Persuasion by Jane Austen

*Classic novel recommendation of the month*

Wednesday April 18th- Search Engine Terms (April)

Thursday April 19th- Gina reviews: The Darkest Pleasure

*3nd book in the LotU series*

Friday April 20th- FanFic Friday…

*Debb and Annie… epicness ensues*

Search Engine Terms…with a twist

***adult content***

Welcome to the March edition of: Search Engine Terms. In case you’re just joining us lemme give you a quick run through. Once a month I share some of the search engine terms that bring peeps to Bookish. Some of them are funny,others are perplexing, a few are WTF?!? and some are what show up every day. Just like I did last month I’ve included my reactions to most of these, but this time they’re under the term in (parenthesis).

This past month 1899 search engine terms referred someone to a post(s). Even tho I didn’t tally them the last time I can tell you that the number is higher. Twitter used to be my main referrer, but not anymore…Hey! What’s up with that my twitter peeps?!?

Anyhoo…here’s what caught my eye…

bookish temptations

(thanks for looking for Bookish and glad you found us)

author el james

what does christian grey look like

( Please see my book boyfriend post for what I imagine)

who wrote gabriel’s inferno

( Sylvain Reynard…um…unless you’re meaning a different Gabriel)

books like gabriel’s inferno

(This one is always a toughie for me cuz I think of books as unique)

mac and barrons fanfiction

(Gotcha covered on this one…click here)

morgan locklear

(you have indeed arrived my friend :))

it’s time to start looking forward now

does christian grey die?

(I get this one A LOT! No spoilers here…ya gotta read the book)

sexy patrick dempsey

(Agreed…very sexy)

how to open your mind to storytelling

gabriel emerson and Christian Grey

(I get both of these daily in one way or another)

living vicariously through make believe characters wishing

(As long as you don’t practice this full time? Sure)

” laters baby ” meaning

(Hmm…seems self explanatory, but ok…it means see you later, baby)

bathtub reading

(Do it all the time myself)

my book boyfriend missie sexual

if you like gabriel’s inferno then read

robert pattinson as a bookish

(He’s certainly welcome to visit or guest post anytime)

gifts for fifty shades fans

(Isn’t Fifty gift enuff?!?)

i think these are beautiful book covers

love in my box

(Nope…not gonna touch that one)

botticellis dantes inferno

i’m looking forward for a new boyfriend

(I wish you luck on that one)

gabriel emerson bookboyfriend

gabriel emerson bookboyfriend bookish tem

(This is another type of term I’ve been getting A LOT of lately…lemme assure you that Gabriel will get his very own My Book Boyfriend post after the sequel releases. To tide you over tho I did do a similar post last year that featured Gabriel as a fantasy boyfriend)

when is arcanus coming out by tyra lynn

(As soon as I know I’ll share the info)

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Coming Up This Week…

Coming Up This week at Bookish Temptations

Monday March 5th- Book Blogger Confessions

Tuesday March 6th- Elena Reviews: The Hunger Games by Suzanne Collins

Wednesday March 7th- Search Engine Terms…with a twist

Thursday March 8th- Gina Reviews: Lover Enshrined by J.R. Ward

***Book 6 in the Black Dagger Brotherhood***

Friday March 9th- FanFic Friday with Debb and Annie back at the helm

***Thanks again Katie for guest hosting last week***

Saturday March 10th- Something new…Sexy Sentence Saturday

***1st up? Favorites from Gabriel’s Inferno by Sylvain Reynard***

Speaking of GI…The Professor has entered a Blind Date Event. His round is March 6th-8th

Here’s the link to the blog holding the event

And in other Gabriel’s Inferno news here at Bookish…

SR is releasing a 2nd teaser from the sequel HERE in April…Hollah!

I’m beyond excited about this. Thanks SR! 

Tamie Xo

Search Engine Terms #2…

Back in December I shared some of the search engine terms that have brought people to Bookish Temptations. The number of visits via search engine terms has  grown a lot since BT began, versus those brought to the site from what used to be the majority ie.  Twitter, Facebook, Goodreads, a link from another site, etc.

That of course is good news because it means that we’re reaching people who might not have found us otherwise, and that if they like what they see they’ll return.  All blogs need new viewers to continue growing, and I’m really happy to say that Bookish Temptations has seen a very steady growth in site visits since it began.

There’s a great team of people here who put a lot of effort into making BT a place you’ll want to visit over and over. We appreciate each and every visit…each comment left…all the RT’s on twitter, and everything our faithful readers do to support us.

That being said I thought it might be fun this time to give you my reactions to some of the search engine terms…they are unedited btw and my comment appears in  parentheses…

sylvain reynard gabriel’s inferno moan (hmmmm)

why are jamie and lord john fightinh at the beginning of the scottish prisinor

stories about hucows  (you can google it for an explanation O’0)

“sylvain reynard” turtles

bookish tempttions

most seductive line in fifty shades of grey

let’s get popp rockin with descriptive writing (not a clue)

gabriel emerson potential actors (I have a few in mind)

e.l. james literary agent

anonymous twi

best book 2011 poughkeepsie debra anastasia

books feed my mind with fantasy (mine too)

actor to play christian grey in fifty shades of grey (Yes please)


“do you know how much you mean to me?” he breathes against my ear. “no,” i gasp.

“fifty shades” grammer (I never think of grammar when I think of Fifty)

fantasy boyfriends (I have lots of those)

sexy indie bath tube

+picture of sylvain reynard (Sorry, don’t have that 4 u)

reading on clive owen

blog christian grey (Christian and blogging? Could be interesting non?!?)

jerico barrons car holy fucking cow

a discovery of witches fever series (2 books in 1 search engine term…clever)

twi totally anonymous writing contest

lost girl, copyright infringement, fever series, moning

does christian die in fifty shades freed (read the book)

make my fantasy boyfriend (you gotta do that urself dood!)

what would christian grey look like


gabriel’s inferno movie adaptations

e.l james literary agency is

when is gabriel’s inferno second book coming out (the sooner the better)

l want christian grey (line forms behind me)

inferno disclosure

fotos jericho z barrons

dirty one shots and fanfics

rehvenge barb

david gandy is barrons (lots of people would agree…I’m still thinking Jason Momoa)

british erotica

explain of purebred

characters from but i love him book

what to read after shadow fever (IKR?!?)

topping from the bottom fifty shades freed (I googled that one too)

literary crack

Last but not least…here are the top 3 search engine terms that have brought someone to Bookish Temptations:

bookish temptations, “gabriel’s inferno”, fifty shades freed 

We’ll do this again in a couple of months cuz I know I’ll get some more good ones, and just in case you were wondering…yes, I have googled many of these myself after seeing them because sometimes I just don’t get the connection…sometimes I find it, but other times I’m still left wondering. Now, go forth and search engine term away…it may show up here someday 😉

Tamie Xo 

Search Engine Terms

I’m a curious type of gurl. I like to know the why’s and how’s of things. It’s probably why I majored in Psychology and practiced it for 10 years. I wonder about all kinds of things, and let’s be honest, lots of the things I think about  are not earth shattering. For example, I often wonder why people pick the places to sit that they do when they have a choice. Like in a classroom. Some people always gravitate to the same seating area. I myself almost always chose to sit near but not in the front, and fairly close to the door.  The more comfortable I was with the Professor…NO! Not that Professor…the closer I would venture away from the door, and more toward the middle.

Anyway, I think about stuff like that all the time, so naturally I’m somewhat curious as to what might bring people to visit my blog. Some peeps come because they’re my friends and we have a common interest in books, authors, fantasy boyfriends, etc. and they’re supportive of me. Some people come because they think I’m entertaining in the way I present the topics I write about. Some come out of curiosity, or because my site was recommended or twittered about. Then there’s the ones who come because they’ve typed in a phrase in a search engine and up popped Bookish Temptations .

The platform I use is wordpress, and one of the features is a page called site stats. It gives all kinds of info to me every day. It tells me how many site visitors I have, and what posts they visited. This is important to know because it lets me know what topics you guys like best. It tells me who referred the visits, ie. whether it was via twitter, facebook, search engines, etc.  That’s as specific as it gets tho. It doesn’t tell me who came,  just where they came from. Some of you just heaved a big sigh of relief. That’s ok, we all have our secret guilty pleasures, and I’m certainly ok with being one of yours 😉

There is another box that is more specific as to the search engine terms that are used to bring people here, and most of it is not unexpected. Mostly it’s certain books, certain authors, certain characters, certain topics, but every few days I’m surprised by at least one term or another. I have to wonder how surprised the viewer  is once they get here as well.  I thought it might be fun to show you some typical as well as untypical search engine terms that have been used.

Just in case your curious…like me.

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