Katiebird Reviews The Hawley Book of the Dead and Wraith

I’ve gone back to my love of paranormal lately and read two books that have been on my TBR list for a long time, like over a year if not more. These books are both great reads for different reasons, so I hope that you give them a try…

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Katiebird reviews YA heroines

I will always be grateful for the YA genre because if I hadn’t read the Twilight series all those years ago, I wouldn’t be reading like I do now. Nor would I have made the friends and connections I have now. There may be people out there who shy away from reading YA books or feel like it’s inappropriate for them. My thought is that just because the main characters in the book are younger doesn’t mean that I can’t relate to them or understand their perspective.

If an author writes a great story, I am in no matter what the age of the characters. I recently read two amazing books that are from the YA genre. The heroines in these books are unique and really stood out for me. I could totally relate to them because they were strong, curious, and intelligent.

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Katiebird reviews Every Last Word by Tamara Ireland Stone




Every Last Word by Tamara Ireland Stone

If you could read my mind, you wouldn’t be smiling.

Samantha McAllister looks just like the rest of the popular girls in her junior class. But hidden beneath the straightened hair and expertly applied makeup is a secret that her friends would never understand: Sam has Purely-Obsessional OCD and is consumed by a stream of dark thoughts and worries that she can’t turn off.

Second-guessing every move, thought, and word makes daily life a struggle, and it doesn’t help that her lifelong friends will turn toxic at the first sign of a wrong outfit, wrong lunch, or wrong crush. Yet Sam knows she’d be truly crazy to leave the protection of the most popular girls in school. So when Sam meets Caroline, she has to keep her new friend with a refreshing sense of humor and no style a secret, right up there with Sam’s weekly visits to her psychiatrist.

Caroline introduces Sam to Poet’s Corner, a hidden room and a tight-knit group of misfits who have been ignored by the school at large. Sam is drawn to them immediately, especially a guitar-playing guy with a talent for verse, and starts to discover a whole new side of herself. Slowly, she begins to feel more “normal” than she ever has as part of the popular crowd . . . until she finds a new reason to question her sanity and all she holds dear.

I am so so glad I read this book. It is bold and beautifully written. It stayed with me even when I wasn’t reading it. For me that is the sign of a great book! I am not even sure I can write a review to do it justice, but I’m going to try.

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Katiebird reviews Fallen and Under the Never Sky

So being the resident paranormal romance girl, it’s me again reviewing two amazing Young Adult books that I loved. Both books are the first ones in their series, so if you are looking start a new series this summer, I would highly recommend these books!

Good news both series are complete, so there is no waiting to finish!!


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Katiebird reviews two favorite YA books from this year

Young Adult books are not always what you think they will be. I struggle sometimes with reading the genre, because there is this stigma that I shouldn’t be reading it. I mean, marketing tells me that it’s for people much younger than me, but it’s written by people who are my age, so…

I get that the genre of Young Adult means that the main characters are “young adults”, not that it is technically written for them specifically. When I start a book that is young adult, I know that it might not have all of the intimate scenes that New Adult books do, but that doesn’t mean that it is not going to be an amazing book.

I recently read two incredible YA books, that I want to share with everyone. If you are not sure that YA books are for you, please put your misconceptions aside, and read these books. You won’t regret it…

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Katiebird reviews Her Favorite book series of 2014

As we get closer to the end of the year, I like to take the time to look back at all of the amazing books I’ve read, in preparation for our Best of the Year lists. We take those lists seriously here at BT, by the way. 🙂

Three of my favorite book series came to an end this year, and I don’t want to miss out on sharing my thoughts on the final books and the series themselves. If you’ve read my profile at the bottom of my posts, you probably noticed that I am the resident paranormal romance girl here, both YA and New Adult. This is definitely my favorite genre, so it should come as no surprise that I love these books!


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Katiebird Reviews: How to Fall by Jane Casey

How to Fall (Jess Tennant Mysteries #1) by Jane Casey


How to Fall cover


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The first unputdownable YA crime thriller from bestselling author Jane Casey.

Sixteen-year-old Jess Tennant has never met any of her relatives, until her mom suddenly drags her out of London to spend the summer in the tiny English town where her family’s from. Her mom’s decision is surprising, but even more surprising is the town’s reaction to Jess. Everywhere she goes, people look at her like they’ve seen a ghost. In a way, they have—she looks just like her cousin Freya, who died shortly before Jess came to town.

Jess immediately feels a strange connection to Freya, whom she never got to meet alive. But the more Jess learns about the secrets Freya was keeping while she was alive, the more suspicious Freya’s death starts to look. One thing is for sure: this will be anything but the safe, boring summer in the country Jess was expecting.

Beloved author Jane Casey breaks new ground with How to Fall, a thrilling and insightfully written mystery.


Set in an English seaside town, Jess spends the summer in her mother’s hometown of Port Sentinel. Here’s the thing, Jess’ mom is a twin, who hasn’t really spoken to her sister in years. Jess seemed to also have a twin, who she had never met. Her recently deceased cousin Freya.


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