Privacy Policy

Here at Bookish Temptations I take your privacy very seriously. While I love finding new friends and great books I need you to remember that you have to be responsible in sharing your own information. I recommend that you do not submit or post any personally identifiable information when posting to the Bookish Temptations comments.

  • At Bookish Temptations, I do not collect personal information, but cannot guard against others taking email or other identifying information from the comments section of this blog.
  • No one’s information will be shared or distributed unless necessary for the awarding of giveaways.
  • All contests winners are announced via email and on the giveaways page of Bookish Temptations. No personal information will be posted in the contest announcement, beyond your first name and last initial. If you have any issues with this please specify so in the contest entry form. I collect information from you when you fill out a form for a giveaway/contest only for the purpose of contacting a winner.
  • Bookish Temptations contains links to other sites. I am not responsible for the privacy practices of other sites, which have separate and independent privacy policies from the privacy practices described in this policy. I therefore have no responsibility or liability for the content and activities of these linked sites.
  • By using my site, you consent to my online privacy policy.

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