Blogiversary Blowout: Guestpost by Tammy-Louise Wilkins and Giveaway!

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My super sassy and witty friend, Tammy-Louise Wilkins is sharing something very special today.  I am so excited for her and for you guys to read what’s keeping her busy lately and what is something new on her awesome blog.

Tammy is a blogger and the author of My Intimate Poetry: Beneath The Vin Rogue – a beautiful collection of poetry from a very talented lady.

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An Author Interviews a Book Blogger…

Last week my friend, Diana Murdock sent me an email asking if she could interview me…the book blogger me.  It sounded like an interesting idea… and I thought…Well Tamie…it seems like a fair enough proposal to see what its like on the hot seat, so I agreed.

Diana made it very easy and comfortable for me, and in truth I thought it was fun. If you’d like to read the interview you can visit Diana’s blog . Be nice and leave her a comment 🙂

Thanks Diana!

Tamie Xo